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July 1st 2007
Published: July 1st 2007
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(just learned how to greet in Albanian ;-)

By definition it is summer, but there is not much of it to be seen in the low lands … except on 13th of April, the day of Rotterdam’s marathon, which had to stop after 26 marathoners were taken to hospital (fortunately the professionals had finish it already, so there were prizes to be hand over).

I got though some sun in Portugal in May! I had the chance to ride in the new metro of Oporto, which goes till the airport! ( Nothing utterly especial, because that is how it should be – you may think- sorry to disappoint you but that’s quite some achievement, given that the equivalent has been ‘planned’ for Lisbon for the 98 Expo, and after almost 10 years, Lisbon’s metro still does not take you to Portela’s Airport!).

Unfortunately I hadn’t much time to enjoy Lisbon. I just stepped in the new commercial gallery of Campo Pequeno, hosting now more than just the bullfight arena. Quite some odd design for a commercial gallery: it occupies, say, only half circle, thus we have to go many times back and forward (half round right, half round left back). So, one gets to see the shops twice and from different angles (even if one does not want too!)

In spite of the weather, life have warmed up in the Netherlands: We organized a dinner to celebrate the 10th of June, the date of the death of Luis de Camões, (THE Portuguese epic writer), known by the nation as The day of Camões, Portugal and of the Portuguese Communities. Actually, the date was just an excuse to get together a bunch of Portuguese Speakers: we gathered people born in Portugal, Brazil, Angola and Mozambique! It was great, but the best of it is that we have now COECA (Comissao Organizadora de Eventos e d´Contecimentos Animados), a dynamic group of people who has organized so far a dinner-fado-tango event (yes Portuguese can dance tango too, after all arent we dramatic by nature?), followed by a mass attendance (I hope I’m right) to Festa Junina ( Festa dos Santos Populares para os tugas), organized by the Brasilian community in the Netherlands!

Now, I´m off on holidays, on the haunt of a real summer

Beijinhos ,

Feel like have a floating picknick in R’dam?
It’s possible (after all is R’dam ;-)
Did I forgot to mention that we have an excellent barman whose speciality (besides churrasco 'a brasileira is caipirinha/caipirosca ? Globally known in Delft as Mister Caco (ou Ca’quinho for the close friends ;-)!
NEW in R’dam: de Luca’s Restaurant De Luca´s restaurant
Want to belong to COECA’s mailing list? Let me know! (messages in Portuguese, of course)
NEW TO BE in R’dam: stayokay hostel is going to move (in 2008?) to the cube houses! Can you imagine to sleep for 17.50 euros in the cube houses!?
Going to the Big Sexy Apple? Sleep in Pod Hotel
Around the world for 1200 euros in 8 days. Interested? Check
Keep tunned and I´ll let you know more about what COECA is up to and how hot the summer is getting 😉!


1st July 2007

No winter... no summer ...
Hello Marisa! Indeed we have been waiting for summer like we have been waiting for your nice messages! After a Swiss winter that barely allow us some skiing weekends, we haven't had the expected summer either ... so now that your message arrived maybe summer will breakthrough soon ;) Ah, maybe you forgot to mention in your tips, but I have just discovered this new lovely panorama view building in Rotterdam that is very worth to visit, and the atmosphere is also very friendly and welcoming! ;)
1st July 2007

Hello Marisa Just to say that if you want to read about Camoes in Dutch (I know, who wouldn't) you may want to try the book 'Het verboden rijk' from Slauerhoff in which Camoes is one of the main characters. Enjoy your holiday Hans
1st July 2007

Porto as the portuguese capital
I am always trying to refrain myself to tell the world the advantages of Porto vs Lisbon. But you now gave me the hint. See you soon in this lovely territory and now (EU host) of Portugal. Cheer (with port wine), Belmira ;;))))))))))))))
2nd July 2007

Always a pleasure to read
Hi Marisa, Nice to read your blog again. The article about flying low-budget around the world is a golden tip. If I have the time I may actually try that someday soon. Keep up the good work! Greetings from England, Wybe

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