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Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Rotterdam May 1st 2023

According to Traveler's Elixir: ... read more
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Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Rotterdam February 6th 2022

Six months after my first trip out of Berlin in eighteen months, I was now ready to take my first trip out of Germany in more than two years. There is perhaps, simply no more fitting a way for this old traveller to celebrate four decades of being on Earth than by breaking out of the country to see a little bit more of it. Since my trip to Dresden, the new Omicron variant saw the number of Covid cases rapidly increase worldwide in the lead-up to Christmas, which put the brakes on any travel plans I may have had. I was hoping to be able to get back to New Zealand to see friends and family after almost two years of pandemic, but Omicron ensured that New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern kept the gates ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Rotterdam September 4th 2019

Today I took the train to Rotterdam for a day visit. The city was largely destroyed in World War II and one of the few remaining buildings is the town hall which now has a statue out front entitled “strength from adversity”. Rotterdam has become an architectural laboratory where many of the world’s leading architects try out new designs. The library is a case in point with its multilevel white and glass exterior, neon lights, and yellow external tubing. The Cube Houses are something of a Rotterdam landmark. These are actual homes that are highly sought after by certain free-thinking individuals. I returned to Delft in the afternoon and followed Rick Steves’s walking tour. I visited the Old Church (1050) and the New Church (1381). Like most churches in the Netherlands, they have very plain, whitewashed ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Rotterdam August 17th 2019

August 16, 2019 – Rotterdam, Netherlands – End of the first leg of the voyage & start of the second - Weather: 69°F/21°C, partly cloudy, wind 13.9 mph, humidity 64° We arrived at the mouth of the Scheur at approximately 3:30 am and proceeded up river at a modest 9 knots in the dark. When we arose at 5:30 we were still moving forward. The Captain had informed the ship last evening that several miles from the pier he would have to turn around and proceed slowly stern first to the berth in the shadow of the Erasmus Bridge which crosses the Nieuwe Maas. A relatively small number of guests, 250 ended their journey and left the ship and were replaced by an equal number. Rotterdam, today home to 1.3 million people, has one of the ... read more
3_Erasmus Bridge
4_Canal in Gouda

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Rotterdam April 19th 2019

First, let me fix a photo, the one of a work by Hockney that was so inspired by Van Gogh. It showed up funny on the blog. Also, Fran pointed out that the group of dancers in the pub on the boat were probably in their 40s, not 60s. More on them later. Yesterday, I wrote about the tulips and the visit to Keukenhof, and now, back at the ship, having finished our outstanding dinner at Jansz, we had our first evening and overnight traveling. We were moving along through a canal at a moderate speed, guessing 15 knots. We felt nothing; heard nothing; no engine or generator noise, even when another ship or barge passed by making a wake. If you didn’t know you were on a boat you wouldn’t know you were on a ... read more
Erasmus Bridge
Central Station Rotterdam
Tree Houses Rotterdam 1970s

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Rotterdam October 26th 2018

I had training for work in Amsterdam at the end of October, so I decided to leave a few days early to see the Netherlands and visit with friends. After a quick of the area, I decided to stay my first night in Rotterdam. Of course, I got business class on my morning flight from Dubai. Many friends had told me how easy the trains were here, and after a few minutes of figuring it out, they were right. I arrived at Schipol, went through customs with little wait, and got my checked bag. After walking out into the waiting area, I looked for signs for the train and found a site map nearby. At first, getting tickets was a little confusing and the station information (that I saw) was in Dutch, but I was able ... read more
Rotterdam waterside restaurants
Cube Houses
Top level of cube house

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Rotterdam August 29th 2018

Fast forward to after we had queued up, checked in, dodged the customary welcome photo in front of a tacky back drop (these pictures never show the good side of the subjects features and are far from the perfect holiday photo souvenir as most people usually have their coats on, carrying bags, hair dishevelled and looking harangued after their often long and frustrating journey!!) Normally, once you arrive at the departure lounge your luggage is collected by a porter and then not seen again until it is delivered to your stateroom (it was not so long ago that these used to be referred to as cabins!!). However, as this was only a three-day cruise, Roisin and I were traveling lighter than usual so we walked our baggage on and straight to cabin 7555. Our cabin was ... read more
Roisin relaxing in cabin 7555 aboard the indie
Mozart on Ice
Rotterdam - greeted by a sea shanty choir

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Rotterdam August 11th 2018

Sushine at last. We arrived in Rotterdam and were greeted by sunshine and blue skies. If anything it was too warm. I know. Picky, picky, picky. Walked from the pier, across the Erasmus Bridge and caught the Hop-On-Hop Off trolley. Although it was interesting to ride on an old trolley the announcements were few to non existent. One stop we both wished to do was the area where the Pilgrims set out for the New World. It has a very old church, a windmill and houses that were built before WWII. Most of the center of Rotterdam was bombed in 1940 by the Nazis and later bombed gain by the Allies. Most of the architecture is post war and new buildings are being built. Too bad so sad. Instead we got off at the Euromast, a ... read more
It’s all about cheese

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Rotterdam August 6th 2018

“Exit Applause!” as Barry from Boston is fond of saying; or, as another of our favorite piano bar stars (Jeremey from our Mediterranean Cruise in 2015) would say, “We Have NEW People!” But for us, this marks the half-way point of our cruise. Nineteen days are in the books (and blogs) and now we start the bittersweet journey towards home. In nineteen more days we will be back in Boston (and Las Vegas). ** Sigh ** I must commend the cabin steward though. He has left us dark chocolate every evening on this past first leg except for two. And you know what that means: More chocolate for me! I’m surprised that Sharon didn’t say something last night. She was in the room when they came to make it up. They left that evenings chocolate, and ... read more
Waterside Skyline in Rotterdam
Floating Forest
Dome Bubbles

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Rotterdam August 5th 2018

We were largely unaware of our passage into Rotterdam until we saw the skyline out our cabin window. We needed to be ready to go on our windmill tour. We wondered if these would be the same windmills that we saw when we visited Amsterdam last year; but, this would prove to be a much different venue. I got my cold-cut sandwich again for breakfast and some chocolate milk; and, Sharon was sticking with nibbling on some toast, potato cakes and chocolate croissants. This port-day in Rotterdam will see the crew again do a complete top-to-bottom deep cleaning of the ship and hopefully we will remain free of new cases for 48 hours after embarking from Rotterdam with some new passengers. Back in the cabin I’m getting ready to head up to the Showroom and Sharon ... read more
View of Canal near Windmills

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