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Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Rotterdam May 12th 2015

We didn't know what to expect, but Bowen and I both agree that after 24hours on our first river cruise we love it. The ship is beautiful, cruising on a river is very smooth, the people are great, the hassle factor is almost zero, and we love the way the days are laid out. Viking plans an excursion for each day. Today, it was a trip to the UNESCO windmill site in Kinderdijk in the morning. It was a very interesting tour to an out-of-the-way place that we probably would never have visited except on a cruise like this. Then after lunch, we were cruising on the Upper Rhine. This isn't the "beautiful" part of the river, but it sure was pretty to us. It's mostly flat farm land, but it was green and lush. And ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Rotterdam April 23rd 2015

Day 9 - April 23 - Rotterdam, Netherlands Today we we had breakfast and were ready to head out for a big day of adventures. We boarded a tour bus with our guide today, Miriam and driver Petro and we took a tour around the old town of Rotterdam. This is a huge city and a bigger port. This port is actually the largest port in Europe. The second largest port in the world only to Singapore. The city were bombed a lot during WWIl and what was rebuilt was modern structures. Next we drove to the town of Delft where we were toured the famous porcelain factory. We learned how they identify their completely hand painted items from the fakes. This was very interesting tour and the building itself was just beautiful with ceramic stair ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Rotterdam February 27th 2015

In this area used to be the old abattoir. The monumental buildings, the cow field with the bull statue, the giant photo, stone cows next to the traffic light and even street names still remind you of that. In this little triangle my home is situated. And I'm vegan. Does that fit? Ofcourse. The abattoir is gone And the art work are all living cows. Like the neighbourhood is saying: No to slaughter, be vegan!!! ;)... read more

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Rotterdam January 30th 2015

So this past Friday, I grouped up with about a dozen co-workers to go to an event called FRANK in Rotterdam. The idea is that they close down the cruise terminal and bring in a DJ, then watch as it gets packed with about 3000 partygoers. Here's a set of photos who are interested in this sort of thing: What I wasn't expecting is the DJ was accompanied by a saxophone player - squealing away along with the electronic music. It don't think it was the original "Epic Sax Man", but it was close enough to make me giggle uncontrollably. Afterwards, a cold had me putzing around the apartment for the weekend. Nothing special, just watching Agents of Shield and complaining about the miniature appliances (half the size, none of the effectiveness). Cheers, Joel... read more

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Rotterdam October 8th 2014

Hello again! Yet again things have changed significantly from my last blog. After sailing around the med for a couple weeks we sailed up to Rotterdam. At this point we’ve been in drydock for 8 days. It’s weird being in the same place every day, but I’m learning lots and seeing new things every day. Our trip up to Rotterdam brought us back through the straight up Gibraltar and had a stop in Vigo, Spain. I was in Vigo 4 years ago on the Independence and It’s still one of my favourite ports I’ve been to. A 5 minute walk brings you to a street lined in outdoor restaurants serving some of the freshest seafood around. I also went up the hill which is topped by the remains of an old castle. The weather was amazing ... read more
Old Castle Wall
View from the top, Vigo
Vigo, Spain

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Rotterdam March 15th 2014

So landed back from my trip to Korea and finished at 3pm. Then had to run to another terminal to meet my friend for our little holiday to Rotterdam at 3.30pm. What a rush, don't know why I do this to myself! I was off to Rotterdam for 2 nights to stay with one of my Dutch friends, called Michelle, that I had lived with in a hostel in Sydney when I was travelling Australia 3 years ago. Was meant to be a sort of big reunion with more people but only me and one of my friends from London could make it. We have had a few reunions in London, and Amsterdam couple of years ago. Just so nice that most of us still keep in touch. So anyways, we had a fun girls weekend. ... read more
Tastiest kebab ever
Graffiti in Perron nightclub

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Rotterdam July 13th 2013

Docked 7.00a.m. Rotterdam, ha arranged to meet our friends Karsten and Janette who live about 20 minutes out of Rotterdam at Alphen aan den Rijn (Karsten and his team were our FIRST guests at Yarravillas in Williamstown Road, when they were sailing 49ers in the World Championships in Melbourne 1998 before the Olympics in Sydney in 2000), we just had the best day! Arranged to meet at 8.00a.m and they took us to the most gorgeous breaky place (Dutch really don't do the breaky thing like we do) on the edge of a lake in Rotterdam where he sometimes sailed. Little mound of dirt all over the lush lawns where the moles had been digging! Then out into the countryside around narrow little roads between dikes and small channels, the houses were just so beautiful but ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Rotterdam February 2nd 2013

Итак, подготовку к дню влюбленных считаю открытой. Пока что только забронировала дорогущий отель на день и думаю что надо брать на два, но дешевле. А вот и немного советов по теме: ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Rotterdam January 6th 2013

I was in the cinema, watching So undercovr with Miley and when the movie was over, TOnny picked me up and took to the biking event. Unfortunetelly, I do not remember the name of the place but it was a big stadium, that I found impressive. Competition was still in action and I unexpectadly got a lot of pleasure watching. Noticed that i was also curious about rules and even picked team I liked the best.... read more

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Rotterdam October 29th 2012

The place that confronted me 1,5 years ago with all sorts of problems and where I saw the meaninglessness of the path I was on in life, is the same place where I have managed to find the path toward becoming whole again. This is an unlikely story which still seems unreal when talking about it. Back then India managed to break down all of what I thought was my real personality, initiating a time of despair. The personality and the mask I was wearing back then was crushed into pieces, making the trip to India one of my last real attempts at seeking happiness in the external world. The same India is the ‘place’ where I have found meaning and joy in life, away from material desires and into the depths of inner wisdom. Inside ... read more

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