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December 5th 2006
Published: December 5th 2006
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Another day I was reading my horoscope of 2005 (!) and I was told that according to the stars my favorite season is Autumn ... uuum ... I am not really convinced but sure when the first cold wind blows I recall the nice days at the beach ... maybe that’s why this season is so nice: it’s perfect to recollect all the warm moments we had in the summer (it could not be the winter, because by then my memory has frozen and I can only long for the seasons ahead!) 😱

So, it is autumn, and I fortunately I had the chance to go back to Cambridge, even that only just for a little while. It was worth every second, especially because I could recollect many warm memories: thanks guys from having come to King’s café’ and for having given me a very warm hug!

To be in London the day before was also great! I went to the Dutch pub - a kind of weird tradition, I know, but it closes the loops, ... , mine, of my friends ... don’t you have this kind of friends? The ones that tell you,

Going to X? Oh there is such a great place there, I used to spend hours there and ...

- being this the starting line for a very entertaining story (to say the least). From listening to them to going there yourself is a very small step, their stories become also a bit yours, your story becomes the continuation of theirs, and so lives the tradition.

And what about “novel traditions”, the kind that on the very first time you already know that will be a tradition? Ha come on, you must have felt the same a couple of times, right? Enough about pseudo-traditions, let’s focus on the present and the future, on what is novel and on what is not there yet …

A friend was telling me yesterday she went to an animal party in London, like the one they threw in Amsterdam. Animal party, party animal, I must say I got a bit confused, especially because the party was also in celebration of the achievements of another party. Confused as well? Let’s Reuters explain

A Dutch animal rights party has become the first animal interest group to enter a European parliament …,

yes for the first time a political party emphatically defending the rights of the animals won 2 seats in the parliament.
and that’s why a party was thrown.

I believe there was a special event playing a role here. I plan to include this one day in my “memoirs of (un)lucky coincidences,” but since you guys are so special, I give you a preview :

Just a few weeks before the Dutch elections 100 horses got trapped in the waters at the north of the Netherlands. The owner should have removed them from the island where they were, well before the autumn’s tide rose, but he did not. For several days, “the horses” opened the national news, and they even managed to be in CNN. Some horses died but for a great relief almost all the horses could be rescued. The Dutch Party for the Animals had coincidentally here the biggest moment of the “campaign”: it filed a complaint against the horses' owner and the operator of the area. If you want to see some photos of the (un)fortunate event, go to Artur’s blog. At your own risk! You may not forget these images anymore, as many electors did not ...

I had so many more things to tell you about:

Back to present and with an eye in the future:

I’ve been told that the new way to get energized IS ... no, not that, na na na , also not that or that and that, ok there are many ways, BUT if you need a new year’s resolution and don’t have one yet (or don’t feel like sticking to the one you actually should!), hey I’ve the perfect suggestion for you: Fire!

I mean: Flamenco! - You can experience ‘el intenso calor’ in Rotterdam at Rosa de Compas ( by hot Myriam, shssss): - Time to move out of the salsa phase: it’s out!

What else is to be in? Amarone!

It’s a dance for your palate what this new restaurant at the Meent has to offer. It’s a bit more expensive then the flamenco, but what can you expect when the former souschef from La Villette and the former maitre from Parkeuvel are brought together? Yes, a star, so, go now while the Michelin’s star is still on its way ... An extra big plus of Amarone: the house wine is Portuguese!

Happy Saint Nicolas to everyone, animal and color!



6th December 2006

Gostei do teu artigo, Marisa! Desta vez fui espreitar alguns dos links, os sobre os cavalos. Tu viste o que dizia o site da Reuters sobre os partidos politicos? Havia um partido dos pedofilos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nao ha duvida de que foi o exemplo mais extremo da democracia em funcionamento!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Estou totalmente abismada. Muitos beijinhos, Joana

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