Day 11: at sea

July 21st 2018
Published: July 21st 2018
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Only one way to start a sea day: mimosas! We put the free bottle of sparkling wine to good use - they have free orange juice for breakfast so we had a nice mimosa with breakfast. And after breakfast. I tried taking pics on the open deck but it was so windy that a) my hair was everywhere and b) I was afraid I'd lose my glass lol.

Since it was a sea day, not much to say. We went to see a few shows/presentations - towel folding, Q&A with the directors and captain of the boat, and nightly game show was "Battle of the Sexes" tonight.

Omg ok though, we died laughing this morning. I'm telling Mom I'm going to the towel thing and she was totally uninterested which was fine. Then I'm talking about it again later, saying how impressive all the animals are (like the stewards fold towels into animals right) and Mom just lost it - like silent and crying laughing lost it. So of course I start laughing because I clued in: all this time Mom thought I was just going to watch them fold towels... normally. She couldn't understand why it was a show hahahaha. Omg we laughed.


The Q&A was cool - it was all about the technical aspect of the ship, so it was the Captain, Chief Engineer and the Director of the Hotel piece that were there. They showed a fascinating video about how they build the boats : this boat was in 73 blocks that they just kind of piece together like a puzzle. It was also just interesting to hear the different specs of the boat, how they steer, see pictures of the engine room, here about maintenance etc.

Otherwise the day was spent reading outside in the lounge chairs which is just the perfect way to spend a day on the water. I've been reading "The Happiness Equation" which is from the same guy who did the Book of Awesome. It's a good read, but for some reason it gave every white guy over the age of 50 who saw me reading (both the other day and today) a reason to stop, interrupt my reading, and make a joke about "well have you found happiness yet?" ... not if you interrupt my reading, no... no I have not lol.

Tomorrow is when most people disembark (Copenhagen) so it'll be a little nutty. One more beautiful city on our cruise!


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