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July 17th 2012
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Canopy downCanopy downCanopy down

History made!
Yes, history has been made. For the first time this trip, we had the canopy down for our journey from Bray to Cookham, where we are now moored for the night. Temperature was almost tropical - well, warm at least, and I didn't need my fleece! Has that darned jet stream finally moved over?!

Arrived at about 3.00pm, had a spot of lunch and then walked into village and along towpath towards Bourne End. Again, memories for us; this walk was our first 'date'. More memories this evening when we go to Cookham Tandoori, still there amazingly.

Despite awful weather yesterday, we had a great day. Helen and Phoebe arrived at Bray Marina at 1-ish. It was so good to see them again after 2 long weeks; they'd returned from Bermuda on Sunday. Drove into Maidenhead for lunch and to stock up on food in case of the long stay at the marina. Phoebe loved 'feeding' the ducks, although mostly ate the bread herself. Hels left with our bag of washing so all good!

The rain stopped early evening, allowing us the opportunity of looking over the boats for sale; H was pleased!

As predicted, weather had improved this morning, and river flows lessened, so we decided we could risk leaving our safe haven and venture forth, not before making full use of facilities of course - showers, electricity topped up, water topped up, loo emptied. Then off, through Bray Lock, then Maidenhead where the path by the Thames was almost underwater, along the Cliveden Reach which must be one of the most beautiful stretches of the river, through Cookham Lock and here to our mooring just above Cookham Bridge.

Just to let you all know, 'cos this seems to be your main interest, I have not yet started Fifty Shades of Grey, as half way through another book. But rest assured, I'll keep you updated on progress, although you may find that blogs get less frequent!


17th July 2012

Date to meet
Dear Rosie and Howard, Thought of you today as the sun shone. Tonight the weather man said the jet stream will finally be moving to its proper location at the end of the week!!!!! and normal weather will be resumed Looks as if we will be venturing to Watlington on Saturday and to bike ride from Thame on Sunday so we wondered if a Monday visit for coffee/lunch might be possible. Will ring you at the weekend to find out if this is possible and where we could meet you. Love from Sarah and Mick
17th July 2012

Mr Grey
We really don't need another Bass pregnancy resulting from Reading filth :-)... I've bought all three and have only managed a few chapters :-(((( you should have gone to Maliks in Cookham, it's the best Curry house I've ever been to! Hope you are enjoying the weather... Big hugs xxx
17th July 2012

Lovely photo I must see her again!
Phoebe looks gorgeous, so grown up! Glad you sound brighter. You have been pretty unlucky but hey all these romantic memories to recall when you are feeling damp!

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