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Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » The Highlands July 16th 2017

Scotland 2 - 2017 25th June – 15th July Continuing our travels through Scotland. Islands – Handa and the Isle of Skye. There’s a strange light coming from somewhere outside our motorhome. Fine shafts of yellow appear through the slats of the screen on the window above our heads as we open our eyes to a new dawn. It must be that rare commodity up here in Scotland, sunshine. A peek outside reveals an azure sky shared with a few fluffy cumulous clouds heading south. Time then to head for Handa Island, a ten-minute ferry ride from the tiny harbour at Tarbet, a few miles down the road, before it starts to rain. Handa is one island we have missed on previous journeys. It’s a privately owned, boggy, rocky, treeless uninhabited island, promising a four hour ... read more
Attack! - attack! - attack!
Black Guillemot
Magnificent Red Deer

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » The Highlands June 25th 2017

Scotland 2017 25th June – 15th July Kilts, Bagpipes, Clootie Dumplings and Haggis We’re doing it again: setting off in our motorhome for that bit at the top of the UK where it’s bound to rain bucket-loads, the midges will be out in force and many of the roads will be frustratingly winding and slow. Yes, it’s Scotland and the Highlands once more: the little bit of the UK untouched by the Roman Empire, the land of warring clans, sword swinging, tartan skirted, hairy warriors with tam o’ shanter bonnets and their wailing bagpipes waking the dead. This time we’re travelling in convoy with our Australian cheese-maker friends, Jan and Trevor, from Redhill, Melbourne, in their own motorhome. So, yes, it’s raining in Stirling, our starting point, when we arrive to take a look at the ... read more
Inside Stirling Castle
Doune Castle

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » The Highlands April 22nd 2017

Es folgt der wahrscheinlich kürzeste Blogeintrag. Wir haben heute etwas länger im Pub gesessen und unseren Erfolg gefeiert. Ich bin müde, aber nach dieser aktiven Woche ist das auch kein Wunder. Der Tag heute war landschaftlich wieder sehr abwechslungsreich. Das ist das Wunderbare am WHW, es kommt nie Langeweile auf. Nach Fort William hineinzulaufen war komisch. Nach einer Woche Ruhe und Natur plötzlich so viele Autos und Menschen um sich zu haben. Minimale Reizüberflutung... Eine unglaubliche Woche mit unglaublichen Landschaften und unglaublich lieben Menschen! Lasst die Fotos heute wieder für sich selbst sprechen. Morgen fahre ich zurück nach Glasgow, wo ich noch 1,5 Tage verbringe bevor es endgültig nach Hause geht ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » The Highlands » Glencoe April 21st 2017

The beautiful pictures of isle of skye, way out in outer hebrides were awesome. It is one of the most picturesque islands of Scotland. Scotland is called Switzerland without the Sun! When I got an invitation to spend Easter weekend with my cousin and his wife in Scotland, I did a high jump. I finished my work early and took the 6:30 pm train to Glasgow. London underground and train station was chocoblock. Most were young travellers who were going to Lake district for the long weekend and there were not enough unreserved seats. I observed how passengers read, knitted or stood silently lost in their own thoughts. Some listened to music. Others got cozy with their significant others. There was a black man with whom I chatted on the condition of British railways. They were ... read more
Loch and highlands
Yellow grasses and highlands

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » The Highlands » Glencoe April 17th 2017

I am writing on April 19 in Paris with a glass of red next to me...but before we get to the European leg of the trip, lets take a trip up a mountain and quick sojourn into Dublin. On Saturday 15th we drove through the picturesque Loch Lomond district, and into the highlands, watching the temparature display in the car drop every 15 minutes or so. By the time we got to Glencoe, it was 3 degrees - BRRR! Glad we brought leggings to wear under our jeans.. Glencoe is one of the highest mountains in Scotland, and has a chairlift which takes you about half way up. Ahead of us were some insane people who went up he chairlifts with their bikes, so they could ride their way down..ummm, not for me thanks...half way up ... read more
Snowing and on a chairlift!
Snowball fight!
The view coming down Glencoe

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » The Highlands November 24th 2016

Day 1 - Getting back in touch with nature September 7th 2016 Finding myself with some spare annual leave and a strong sense of wanderlust, I grabbed the opportunity of taking a break from the office for a few days, in pursuit of the Scottish highlands. With the summer temperatures cooling off, and many muddy camping experiences haunting my past, I organised my walking holiday around the rural holiday lodges situated in Scotland’s remote countryside. With an ambitious itinerary involving hikes to the highest points of the Outer Hebrides, I began my island hopping tour by taking the ferry transfer from Ullapool to the town of Stornoway. With rumours circulating on board about sights of whales, dolphins and puffins, the 2 and a half hour journey to the Isle of Lewis ... read more
Walking in the highlands

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » The Highlands » Ardnamurchan November 4th 2016

Another beautiful day so we set out in the morning to explore Castle Tioram & Loch Moidart. The tide wasn't quite out enought to let us reach the castle with dry feet so we decided to do the walk first. We set off along a narrow, rocky path along the edge of Loch Moidart with stunning views of the castle, loch and autumnal foliage. We also got a glimpse of a couple of otters on a rock, we continued quietly along the track to get a better view & them spotted more swimming over! We were then privileged enough to get a fabulous view of a family of otters interacting on the rocky islet below us! So magical! We continued the walk along the loch past more breathtaking scenery before taking a small path up the ... read more
Ardnamurcan Lighthouse
Cul Doirlinn

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » The Highlands » Ardnamurchan November 3rd 2016

We got up in time to have sausages & eggs for breakfast and still get off in time to make the Kilchoan ferry to Mull. It was very wet out and sadly we never made it to the island as a few miles outside Kilchoan both our tyres blew - due to an arguement with the edge of the road! The first went suddenly so we performed the quickest tyre change ever in the rain (I say we, I was hiding from the rain behind the car!) & set off with hopes of just making the ferry, but when the second went a hundred yards down the road we gave up & called the RAC. Well, first we called the local garage, then the AA (as Mark's bank had changed providers without us noticing). We eventually ... read more
Pine marten
Pine marten
December moth

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » The Highlands » Ardnamurchan November 2nd 2016

Another early start to watch the sunrise, started even earlier this time so got some beautiful colours in the sky & loch, but no red deer this time. We discovered when we checked the camera trap that the heavy rain during the night had triggered it so loads of photos of rain! Did get a few good shots of the pine marten too, as well as us going to & from the pub & a pair of small mammal (mouse?) eyes on the grain below the feeder! Sadly the planned walk for the day was postponed as one of our party was ill so a couple of us went off to investigate the Singing Sands near Kentra. There was a helicopter flying stuff into the forest on the headland which intrigued us, as did the police ... read more
The Singing Sands
Pine Marten

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » The Highlands » Ardnamurchan November 1st 2016

Monday night we decided to keep a watch out for the pine martin so I spent set up by the window with a torch shone one the feeder and after 45minutes (made shorter by a couple of glasses of wine) I spotted eyes at the end of the garden. The others joined me & the eyes bounded up the garden & the pine marten came into view! We had an exciting time watching him eat up al our peanut butter before vanishing off into the night again. Tuesday's weather was looking like out best bet for climbing the highest hill around, Ben Hiant. We had a brief false start when we realised we'd left the OS map behind and went back for it but in hindsight the directions were enough, especially as there was only one ... read more
Loch Sunart from salen Oakwood
Pine Marten
Morning over Loch Sunart

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