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Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Moray » Elgin July 4th 2011

Well actually we're in Thomshill, just a few miles from Elgin............ So continuing from the last blog which seemes like a lifetime ago - we've now spent about 9 days in England (Lancashire) and 10 days in Scotland so far. Scotland has had much better weather than England, it has been hot and sunny almost every day. But I digress! I have done a little (!) shopping in England already, well with Debenhams advertising a huge 50% off it would have been criminal not to pop in and see what Wallis and Principals had to offer. And then of course there's M&S and the amazing Per Una collections to browse through........... It's been wonderful just looking at all the vibrant colourful clothing here and the immense choice, such a change from the last few years shopping ... read more
Spey Bay
An amazing collection of great pebbles
Major driftwood

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Moray » Elgin March 4th 2009

Here is the link to my pictures from this past weekend...ENJOY! Cheers!... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Moray » Elgin March 3rd 2009

This past Saturday was a busy one for me, but I'm not complaining! I went with the International Society on a trip up north to visit Huntly Castle, Elgin Cathedral, Spynie Palace and Dallas Dhu Distillery. We left at about 8:30am and headed out. It was super nice because they rent a nice coach bus for our touring adventures. I lucked out and had no one sitting next to me:) Our first stop was Huntly Castle near Elgin, Scotland. The presidents of the International Society basically told us in between all our stops that all we had to do was to be back here in one hour. We got out and were allowed to wonder around all the ruins. I took so many pictures! The weather was absolutely wonderful so it was really a fine day. ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Moray » Elgin March 27th 2007

Yuletide (b)log! Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Elgin By Simon and HeatherMarch 27th 2007Simon and Heather Fraser Gday folks! Sorry about the randomness of a Christmas blog in March but we’re just getting ourselves organised after our move back down under. After our last blog in NZ we returned home to Scotland for 4 weeks of festive fun with family and friends (longest Christmas ever!) In between bouts of overindulgence we managed to drag ourselves out and about for a few walks and have photographic evidence to prove it! The Frasers braved the wind a... read more
Elgin Cathedral 2
Boxing day
Boxing day 2

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Moray » Elgin November 15th 2006

Wednesday November 15, 2006 - I woke up at an ungodly 2:45am this morning, about 15 minutes before my alarm. My taxi was due to come at 3:30am so I got my things ready and went downstairs with a few minutes to spare. The man on duty at the hotel told me I was there too early (it was 3:25am) and said to sit down and relax. My backpack is far too heavy to put down just to pick it up again, so I just stayed standing there waiting. I also wanted to intimidate him into making sure it all happened like it was supposed to. When 3:30am came and went, I was a little concerned. My intimidation technique had failed. Then they came to get me and brought me to a cab outside. Turns out ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Moray » Elgin October 1st 2006

The Traveler When you have communicated without using words, When you have been invited into a stranger's home, When you have found that "different" is not synonomous with "bad" When you have found that people everywhere have the same fears, concerns, and joys that you do, When you find more similarities than differences between cultures... Then you have discovered the true difference between world traveler and tourist. Looking back at our past week in Scotland, I have inadvertently received Scottish and English History 101. To rhythmically oversimplify: Many many kings died, Castles were built, witches were tried, A king named James said, "Lets get together!" So Scotland and England were tied forever. Men in kilts tried to stand, But Red Coats came and took their land, This explains families in America named McDonald, (But not... read more
Ruthven Barracks
Burned-out church
Edradour Distillery

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Moray » Elgin April 23rd 2005

After having a few pints from the night before, I was a bit hungover, thus getting a later start. We said our goodbyes and were off again, this time to visit Huntly Castle. (aka Strathbogie Castle). This was also a ruin on the banks of River Deveron. Some of the stone floor was intact. It also had some nice doorways and carved fireplaces. We drove to Moray Firth Wildlife Center to look for dolphins and a self guided tour, but we did not see any. It was a nice area. We stopped at a big shopping area known as Baxters. We had a light lunch here and then headed for Elgin to the Milton B&B. When we pulled in, there was no place to park, or so we thought. The owners huband made the car fit ... read more
Moray Firth
Elgin Cathedral
Findlater Castle

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