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June 7th 2008
Published: June 7th 2008
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Drinking BuddiesDrinking BuddiesDrinking Buddies

Steve and Derek from South Africa
Been a busy couple of days that's for sure!

Went out with my roommate the other night to ghost tour number two called "City of the Dead". It was quite good actually and gave us a good scare. The guide took us into a locked section of the Greyfriar's graveyard where the "Covenanter's Prison" is located (real place - first concentration camp in history) and put us into a mausoleum type cell. Apparently people have been attacked by the Mackenzie Poltergeist. Mackenzie was the leader of the opposition - went on a blood thirsty rampage using his political clout to kill as many Covenanters as possible - and after his tomb was desecrated 9 years ago he apparently started haunting the place.

While in the Covenanter's bit I didn't feel anything - no presence at all - but when I went round to the tomb of the guy who is supposed to be the ghost the next day felt quite the chill so who knows. Very creepy indeed. After the tour went for a couple pints at the "Oz Bar" which is a little Aussie outfit down the road from Greyfriar's. Lauren was good for a chat. She was
Sitar DudeSitar DudeSitar Dude

He was actually really good
on her way home to Texas after spending 2 years in China teaching English - had many many funny stories. It was strange because she was EXACTLY like Mindy except with reddish hair and was from Texas. Otherwise was Mindy through and through. Felt like I was out with her for a pint instead hahaha

Got back to the hostel rather late and we tried to be extra quiet because we had two other people sleeping in our room - a German mother/daughter duo. Turns out all effort was wasted as they were as LOUD as possible when they got up in the morning. They didn't make any effort to be quiet while packing their things despite the fact that it was obvious we were both still sleeping at 7 AM. When Lauren (the Texan) and I woke up we both just looked at each other and went "SERIOUSLY?!" hahaha It was hilarious. Germans also stole my towel so am quite unimpressed.

Yesterday got to see a bit more of the real Edinburgh in the form of a pub crawl. "Scott from Scotland" came down on the train and took me around to all of the best pubs
Sitar dude and other dudeSitar dude and other dudeSitar dude and other dude

This second guy randomly started playing too. Then a very intoxicated girl joined in sort of going "ahhh" really off tone (you can see her on the left mid-ahhh). She sounded HORRIBLE but maybe she thought she was adding to the music..who knows...
including the only two I can remember the names of being Burgess and Tiger Lily. There were about six in total. Got quite plastered actually despite spacing drinks out with dinner and water. He gave me a bit of a tour of different sights in Edinburgh along the way. Planning to check out a couple today - one called camera obscura being one. Apparently quite famous and cool.

Unfortunately he had to catch the early train back since trains work on strange systems here so was on my own by about 10. Quite looking forward to Stirling though and Doune Castle (where they shot Monty Python's Quest for the Holy Grail).

Got back to the hostel just in time to join pub crawl #2. Went out with Karin (a fellow Canadian and DJ! Except she's French Canadian but still cool in my books), Steve (her boyfriend or lover...not sure as apparently they've only known each other 6 days), Ryan (a very young looking Aussie), and Derek (South African and fellow laptop nerd). Had a great time hopping from bar to bar. Went to one on the Royal Mile (can't remember the name) but it was filled with older sorts singing along to Bryan Adams "Summer of 69" and KISS's wonder "Rock and Roll All Night". Eventually switched to a Van Morrison CD which I found to be fantastic 😊

When that place closed really early (around 12:30 they did last call which is apparently normal here on a Friday night) we headed back to the young people's bar (believe it was called Hyde). Had a really good time there. DJ was fantastic! Stayed there till probably 2:30 then decided to head home via back streets of Edinburgh. Met a fellow playing a Sitar, many drunk Scots and learned the joys of eating "chips and cheese" as post-bar food. All in all, quite the fun evening! A date AND a night on the town woot!

Heading in to the library today to get as much work done as can before it closes at 1. This is my last full day in Edinburgh so I need to take in as much as possible. Will probably head on over to the castle to check it out along with the Camera Obscura. Group from last night was also thinking of doing another night on the town tonight complete with sushi. Figured I must try sushi in a place that gets the fish fresh from the ocean - yum!

I'll be sure to keep you guys updated with pictures of the sights once I get to them.

Lots of love,



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