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June 6th 2008
Published: June 6th 2008
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The MeadowsThe MeadowsThe Meadows

I walk through here every day on the way to the archives
Hello Hello (or 'Cheers' as they say here in Scotland)!

Another beautiful day in Edinburgh though a bit colder than yesterday - definitely jacket weather despite it being June already. No rain though so I can hardly complain 😊

Decided to do a bit of shopping before heading into the archives today. Got quite a bit done - finished off most of my souveneir shopping and picked up some lovely items for myself including a hot new pair of heels. Then headed on over to the archives to do research and work on my paper. Slow going on both accounts. Decided to nix plans to go to the highlands on a tour in favour of spending another full day at the library.

Went on a second ghost tour tonight with roommate Lauren. Was quite a bit scarier than the first one. Very animated tour guide. He brought us to Greyfriars which is where they buried all the Covenanters. Apparently there's about 250 000 corpses underfoot despite there only being 400 gravestones. You're walking on dead people the minute you step through the gates - fantastic! Also got to hear the story of the Greyfriar's Bobby. Got a picture
Example of typical toiletsExample of typical toiletsExample of typical toilets

Notice the very large sign pointing out the "Gents Toilets"
with the statue at the end that I'll have to post up later. Tour scared the crap out of me but unfortunately no ghost sightings - just a sore throat from screaming. 😊

Afterwards checked out a pub called The Oz (short for Aussie). Seemed like a young people/student hang out. Had a couple pints there with Lauren and chatted a bit. They closed really early - last call was at 12:30 or something like that so headed home by 1ish. Might go out for drinks on the town with Scottish boy from earlier. He's letting me know tomorrow whether he'll be in Edinburgh or not. Should be fun if he can make it. Gives me a chance to wear my new heels anyway 😉

Alright - it's rather late so I must be off to bed. I'll post pictures and hopefully a much more detailed posted in a day or so.



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Female ToiletsFemale Toilets
Female Toilets

No sign - very small and nearly illegible sign over the door indicating it's the female toilet - this is pretty normal

This one is for you Ryan :)
Greyfriar's ChurchGreyfriar's Church
Greyfriar's Church

About 250-400 000 corpses are buried here. So pretty much the moment you go through those gates you're walking on dead people. Yummy!
Flodden WallFlodden Wall
Flodden Wall

They just chucked the dead bodies over and the body snatchers took it from there
Covenanter's PrisonCovenanter's Prison
Covenanter's Prison

Wooo scary! Locked due to poltergeist activity
Greyfriar's BobbyGreyfriar's Bobby
Greyfriar's Bobby

The most loyal/unloyal little dog in all of Scotland. Apparently also the most photographed statue
Me and BobbyMe and Bobby
Me and Bobby

We make a fine pair don't we?

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