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17th April 2012
Blueberry Cheesecake KitKat

Anything that has to do with blueberries, I gotta have! I found blueberry water,made a blueberry cheese cake, but what I really want blueberry potatoe chips I saw online & now I would like to have this blueberry KitKat. I just wish I knew where to get them at. I didn't even know they exsisted,but since I know they do exsist, i'll probably won't stop looking until I find them.
13th September 2011

We'll do it again!
If you decide to stay in Japan for much longer, we'll do it again, and be better prepared this time - with sleep and supplies. We will conquer IT!!!! xoxox
From Blog: Fuji Climb
16th October 2010

where is site of omiya soy shop
I know there is a stone marker, but do you know exactly where it is located?
From Blog: Kyoto Day Trip!
6th September 2010

Thank you.
Hello Jeniffer I read all of your travelblog. That was sufer fun ! Thank you. Kaori
3rd September 2010

Sounds fun!
21st June 2010

I can't wait either!
It's going to be great :D
20th June 2010

I can't wait!
Can't wait to see you and where you have been living!! I will totally handle the heat, no worries! I will go wherever you want, I am just pumped to see you and to have an adventure!!! xoxo See you in 45 days!!
20th June 2010

Monkeys are cute.
From Blog: Machiya Fun
19th June 2010

I loved your post and photos of Michaya, the Hozu River, etc. They made me want to go there so badly! My blog is looking for travel photos, reviews, etc, to share. Like maybe of the Matsunosuke pie shop, or of how to stay in one of the old townhouse!?! If you have the time, check it out at, or email me at Continued fun on your travels! Heather
From Blog: Machiya Fun
2nd June 2010

Trust me, it wasn't worth taking pictures of. Picture a box with no carpet and a bed and that was our room.
From Blog: Oh Sendai...
2nd June 2010

I think every business should have one :)
2nd June 2010

The gorge was stunning! It was such a nice find. We had a great time walking along it.
2nd June 2010

I would like to try the games, too.
From Blog: Home....
2nd June 2010

breath taking pictures !
2nd June 2010

Sorry to hear that.
From Blog: Oh Sendai...
1st June 2010

your hotel room
no pictures? of the hotel room?? Looks like you guys had a great trip otherwise. Thanks for sharing it all with your blog. Love Mom xo
From Blog: Oh Sendai...
10th May 2010

The photos are so beautiful! I want to ride on a bullet train and go to the night market.
From Blog: Taiwan - Day 2
6th May 2010

It's always my pleasure to read your blog.
27th April 2010

Conglaturations for your thesis being submitted.
27th April 2010

I'm glad you are having wonderful time there. You are a great teacher!
20th April 2010

I'm glad you are safe.
From Blog: Typhoon Melor
20th April 2010

Thank you!
I'll update it now :) You've been such a great help! I'm glad you're enjoying the blog!
19th April 2010

The flavour of KitKat(きăȘこ) is soybean powder.
17th April 2010

I'm glad you are doing good job and enjoying them.
From Blog: A is for Apple
13th April 2010

boxed vomit...hahaha...but I like it. I am glad you like squid. Kaori

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