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May 29th 2008
Published: May 29th 2008
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Robbie BurnsRobbie BurnsRobbie Burns

Scotland's national treasure. Here's a bronze of him in St. George's Square. His name was the only one I recognized...
Hello Everyone!

Today has been a day full of little adventures so far. I guess I should probably start with last night...

For those of you who were talking to me last night the 'annoying Germans' turned out to be 'annoying Russians'. It was pretty entertaining to watch them but entertaining turned awkward when the two guys got into a lover's quarrel. Picture two skin head Russians drunk and yelling at each other in Russian coupled with shoving each other into chairs and heated kissing...yeah... So after trying to tactfully ignore them for half an hour or so I decided it was bed time 😊

Ended up in bed around 2ish, woke up wide awake at ten to 7. I'm attributing my fabulous sleep to the fact that no one shared my room last night 😊 YAY!!!!

So being up that early and having nothing else to do since the library didn't open till 9 I decided to go exploring. I heard that Glasgow Cathedral was a pretty nice place to visit so I asked at the front desk how long it would take to get there. They said about ten minutes walking which sounded like a
War MemorialWar MemorialWar Memorial

A war memorial for Scottish soldiers who died during WWI and WWII
pretty sweet deal. So I started walking...and walking... and walking...

Three hours later I arrived at the cathedral. I sort of got lost along the way and also took some time out to take a mini tour through the financial district, around St. George's Square and then some random church I saw along the way called St. Mungo's (I've posted up pics). You know me - I love my old churches 😊

Today is also FANTASTIC weather wise! I can't believe how nice it is! The temperature is hovering probably around 20 and it's bright and SUNNY! *happy dance* Now that I've taken a bit of a tour around in the sunshine Glasgow doesn't seem as dreary as it did before. It's rather nice actually.

I'm just taking a break from the archives at the moment to get lunch but the research is going well. I think I'll be done most of it by today which leaves all day tomorrow for essay stuff. Katie and I are going to head to the better shopping center (since apparently the one I went to yesterday is the ghetto one) to see if we can find some nice things to
Inside the random old churchInside the random old churchInside the random old church

This is the place I found when I got lost. I think it was called St. Mungo's. The floors were made of wood and were REALLY old.
wear to the bar Friday.

I also picked up a couple souvenirs during my travels today. Sara I think you'll like one in particular I found just for you 😊 Not telling what it is though hahahaha

Alright well I'm gonna head out. I'll talk to you all soon!


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Kinda creepy, but kinda nice too

The only flowers in this entire garden. If you look close you can still see the rain on them from the night showers.
16th century oak doors 16th century oak doors
16th century oak doors

These are the original doors to the sacristy of the church dating to the 16th century. Those are bullet holes from the Reformation period...

Some cool stained glass windows (there were 5 in total all around the room)
Glasgow Cathedral CeilingGlasgow Cathedral Ceiling
Glasgow Cathedral Ceiling

Strange and cool. I'm not sure what those things were.
Blacader's Aisle Blacader's Aisle
Blacader's Aisle

This was in a lower part of the cathedral. This place was HUGE
The cryptsThe crypts
The crypts

Creepy yet cool
massive stained glass windowmassive stained glass window
massive stained glass window

I liked the blue :)
Glasgow Cathedral Glasgow Cathedral
Glasgow Cathedral

from the outside

They had a graveyard there too with some interesting tombstones

Just in case you weren't sure they threw in the skull and cross bones

This is a shot of the cathedral from the museum across the street

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