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Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Lanarkshire » Glasgow July 3rd 2017

You know those hop on and off buses? Double decker? There's no shame in that. I went back to George square and jumped aboard, upper deck. The rain let up so I can do what I want! The tour was pretty decent. I visited St. Kentigern, a 13th Century cathedral up on a hill, across from a scenic necropolis. This cathedral is supposedly build upon the tomb of St. Kentigern, also known as MUNGO (how can you not love this - no offense, Scots, really - performing chimp like name?), who died in 612. According to an informational sign, everything that was written about Mungo was written in the 12th century and was made up - healing powers,etc. The only certain fact is the date of his death. Apparently, for many centuries, this was a destination ... read more
Cathedral With Coat of Arms Lamp
Crests everywhere. I want a crest and I'm not talking about toothpaste!
Sweet unicorn

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Lanarkshire » Glasgow July 2nd 2017

My train arrived in mist, at a station half an hour from my hotel by foot. (You guys, this is good because of all the beers and no bootcamp). I need to get a waterproof cover for my bag so I can walk in the rain. My workout started at George Square, and took me up through wealthy Victorian era neighborhoods, on to plain brick tenements from the 1970s, and under a freeway. I found my modern looking hotel nested among chic restaurants and bars. My airbnb had fallen through in Glasgow so I ended up in a hotel in the up-and-coming West End, the recently refurbished hipster community. The Lorne Hotel is trying its best to keep up with the neighborhood, but, like a 13-year-old trying to manage make up, it's a little over its ... read more
A Jig
Mighty Cider
Wee Fest

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Lanarkshire » Glasgow May 15th 2017

Well Ach Aye da Nu. Things have gone well since my last post. No lost glasses, forgotten rentals etc. First up I must apologise for the lack of punctuation etc at the end in my last post. It all looked good in the edited form but , anyway, We headed north to York which is more a comfort stop for us rather than anything else because we have been there at least twice before so we just wondered about leisurely and basically looked for stuff we hadn't seen before, which isn't much because the main part of York is quite walkable in all directions. We stayed at the Grange Hotel York ( ) which is an old world hotel which has seen better days, albeit it was well appointed and comfortable. This stop also included ... read more
Kate and Gaynor
They are huge
Rest and be thankful

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Lanarkshire » Glasgow April 24th 2017

Soooooo... Der letzte Urlaubstag ist vorbei und damit endet auch dieser Blog. Pick-Up um 9 Uhr, alles wie gewohnt. Oder doch nicht? Natürlich nicht, denn diesmal hat mich nicht Scarlet von Thistle Trekking in ihrem türkisfarbenen Minibus abgeholt, sondern Helmut, ein deutsch-südafrikanischer Schotte gekleidet in Kilt und Sporran (das ist die kleine Tasche, die vorne am Kilt getragen wird). Helmut war mein Guide für den Outlander Day Trip. Nach der mittlerweile ungewohnten Verwendung der deutschen Sprache folgte gleich die zweite Überraschung des Tages: die Dreiergruppe, die eigentlich mit mir für heute gebucht war, hat gestern Abend abgesagt, sodass ich nun meine ganz exklusive Privattour bekam. Und da dachte ich, Outlander sei mittlerweile so ein Megahype, dass ich in einem Bus vollgestopft mit vollverrückten Totalfans lande... Die gebe es aber auch, meinte Helmut. Meist all... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Lanarkshire » Glasgow April 23rd 2017

Ich habe heute zwar Ruhetag, aber der Blog bleibt trotzdem geöffnet ;-) Viel zu erzählen gibt es nicht. Die Gruppe ist aufgelöst. Einige sind geblieben, einige wurden von Verwandten abgeholt, der Rest ist aufgebrochen. Entweder mit dem Zug, oder wie ich mit dem offiziellen Minibus des Trekkinganbieters in Richtung Milngavie. Auf dem Weg fahren wir an vielen Orten vorbei, die wir in der letzten Woche erwandert haben. Wir spielen die Filmkassette zurück und lassen die Woche noch einmal in umgekehrter Reihenfolge Revue passieren. Zug nach Glasgow und die Restgruppe wird noch kleiner. Am Ende sind nur noch zwei übrig. Eine in London lebende Schottin und ich. Wir gehen einen Kaffee trinken. Mein Hotel erlaubt noch keinen Check-In und ihr Anschlusszug geht erst später. Wir sitzen draußen in der Fußgängerzone. Buchanan Street im Herzen der Stadt. Softshell ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Lanarkshire » Glasgow April 15th 2017

Heute doch Glasgow statt Sofa und Buch ;-) In Kontinuität zu gestern habe ich herausgefunden, dass Scotrail nicht nur in den Zügen, sondern auch an allen Bahnhöfen free WiFi anbietet. Außerdem kann man hier Tickets im Zug beim Schaffner erwerben. So etwas wie Schwarzfahren gibt es dadurch nicht und folglich auch kein Schwarzfahrerbußgeld. Und der Schaffner kommt immer, darauf kann man sich verlassen! Auf der Hinfahrt nach Glasgow musste ich durch keine Barriere gehen, daher wunderte mich die Fahrkartenkontrolle nicht. Auf der Rückfahrt hingegen musste ich mein Ticket in eine Maschine stecken, damit sich das Tor zum Bahnsteig öffnet. Dennoch kam in den ersten fünf Minuten Fahrt gleich erstmal der Schaffner und kontrollierte erneut. Interessant, wie viel Geld hier noch in Personal investiert wird. Glasgow, Buchanan Street, 11:30 Uhr: Eine Fußgängereinkaufszone, wie man s... read more
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Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Lanarkshire » Glasgow February 17th 2017

I was finding it very difficult to find a celebration that falls today. There are a couple - Random Act of Kindness Day and Kosovan Independence Day to name a few. I wasn't sure how to celebrate either of those. I like to think that I am kind every day, and will do kind things because that's what I do, I'm not sure how I could 'randomise' that. But, at lunch time today as I was about to google Kosovan culture and independence, a colleague of mine placed this pineapple on my desk. I haven't worked at this place long, in fact I've been doing this Resolution longer, but today marked the end of my formal training and to celebrate this and welcome me into my new team I was given this pineapple, a tradition at ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Lanarkshire » Glasgow January 25th 2017

Tonight we celebrated the Scottish poet Rabbie Burns, with veggie haggis, neeps and tatties. An annual event that began in 1801, originally held in memoriam of Burns' death, Burns' Night is now celebrated on the anniversary of his birth. Both formal and informal events are held, but almost always include Haggis and poetry. Haggis is a savoury pudding in which a sheep's heart, liver and lungs are minced with onion oatmeal, suet, spices, salt and stock and then stuffed into the sheep's stomach. hom nom nom. Although associated very closely with Scotland, the first known written recipe for 'Hagese' is in the cookbook Liber Cure Cocorum - from 1430 Lancashire, North West England. Fortunately for me, Scotland has been producing Veggie haggis since the 1960s. Formal suppers including piping, a welcoming speech from the host, a ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Lanarkshire » Glasgow October 26th 2016

Glasgow with his touristic bus when you have only one day and you want to do everything... The great pure British showers that you get... The fresh wind on the double decker bus... The fun of the visits... The running to catch the next bus... The beautiful, beautiful churches and museums and streets. Glasgow is simply magnificent! I love visiting churches and cathedrals but I have to say that Glasgow's has managed to make me shed a few tears by its true beauty. Glasgow, avec ses bus touristiques que vous pouvez prendre lorsque vous n'avez qu'une journée et que vous souhaitez tout voir... Les pures "douches" Britanniques que vous pouvez apprécier... L'air frais dans les bus à deux étages... L'amusement des visites... Courir pour attraper le prochain bus... Les églises et musées et rues magnifiques, vraiment ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Lanarkshire » Glasgow July 26th 2016

Well first stop in our Eurotrip Part 3 adventure is in Glasgow, Scotland. It was really good to visit our first friend we made when we came to Dublin last fall.... Marc. It was very awesome getting the personal tour of the city from this local guy. Glasgow has its beautiful hidden places with beautiful murals on sides of buildings. Yes we had Haggis...we had haggis pizza and got to say not bad. We lucked out on good weather. Very good city to start off in our adventure. I have to say our trip is off to a good start. Hopefully you enjoy the pictures.... read more

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