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May 28th 2008
Published: May 28th 2008
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Ever wonder what the men in Glasgow look like?Ever wonder what the men in Glasgow look like?Ever wonder what the men in Glasgow look like?

I literally burst out laughing when I passed this store display. (Men come complete with price tags and skeezy Fonzie-esque hand gestures!)
Hello Family!

It's 2:30 PM here and I'm toasty warm sipping my Caramel Macchiato in Starbucks while it's absolutely pouring rain outside. Ick! I'm a bit tired today - I think a bit of jet lag and a bit of being woken up at 4 AM by my two new roommates.

Well they stumbled in around 4 am. One of them went right to bed and the other spent the next half hour puking (I'm guessing they had too much to drink) and then they crawled into bed with her friend and they sored the rest of the night away. I decided to take a walk and get some breakfast at 4 am (they have free breakfast at my place woo hoo!). By the time I got back they were asleep so I caught some more Z's before getting up to head into campus.

My work seems to be going by pretty quick. There aren't too many chapbooks here that talk about Wallace and not many of them are from the period I'm looking at. That's okay though since most of what I want to look at is in Edinburgh anyway. I'm hoping to get through the rest
Glasgownian WomenGlasgownian WomenGlasgownian Women

The one on my left is my personal favourite.
of them today and then spend tomorrow working on my essay (Sara) 😊

Katie and I went for some drinks in the pub in my hostel last night. It was pretty fun but we didn't talk to any locals or anything. We're going to do that Friday night when we go out with her brother to a real Scottish pub 😊 We're both pretty excited about heading to Paris this weekend. We were going over a list of things to do/see last night. Can't wait 😊

I decided I'd take a bit of time this afternoon to go shopping since there's a shopping center and shoe store right near my hostel. I'll let you know if I make any good finds. If I happen to run into Donny Osmond or Amy Winehouse while I'm there I'll take a pic hahaha

Alright, I should head off now and catch the metro. I'm still doing good and I'm having a great time! I'll write again soon!


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Bum Friendly!Bum Friendly!
Bum Friendly!

Sara I don't know why but this made me think of you...
Creative DisplaysCreative Displays
Creative Displays

I loved the display boxes for these make up products. They looked really cool as a whole shelf.
A Shot Along the WaterA Shot Along the Water
A Shot Along the Water

The River Clyde is right across the street from the door of my hostel so I took a walk along and snapped some shots.

I'm not sure what the building in this picture is but it's rather nice. I just wanted a picture of the swans...
St. Andrews Cathedral St. Andrews Cathedral
St. Andrews Cathedral

aka Glasgow Municipal Church. This is also a few steps away from my hostel. I ran into the pastor while I was sneaking pictures of the inside. He didn't look to pleased so I scampered away and tried to look penitent.
St. Andrew?St. Andrew?
St. Andrew?

This guy was at the very top of the cathedral. I think he's looking at the sky and praying for the rain to stop.
Expression: WTF?Expression: WTF?
Expression: WTF?

This was the only statue like this on the entire building. I think he's just pissed an entire arch is balanced on his head. He's also conveniently placed directly to the right of the main door. I guess to remind church goers that praying is some serious work.
St. AndrewsSt. Andrews
St. Andrews

In Scotland they hide churches down strange back alleys
Weird Weird

I know this shot is strange. I just thought it was really cool how you could see all the old stone brick underneath where they'd carved the new stuff away.
It only rained a little...It only rained a little...
It only rained a little...

Check out that puddle! When cars drove through it it was like a tsunami wave!

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