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August 27th 2018
Published: October 18th 2018
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Now that was a long journey... Langkawi to Kuala Lumpur (1hr 15min), Kuala Lumpur to Hong Kong (5 hours) then a 5 hour wait. Hong Kong to London (13 hrs) then a 3 hour wait, London to Glasgow (1hr 30min) where my Dad met me for the short trip of ten mins to home... phew...

Aw man it's lovely seeing Dad again, gosh I miss my family! So first day back and I get to see most of the family, brother's, sister-in-laws, neices, nephews and great nephews... oh plus all the doggies who missed their Aunty Clare. So breakfast what do I want... easy a morton's roll, black pudding, bacon with a runny egg on top with HP sauce... nom nom nom... Dad and I went down to the local butchers and my eyes were wide with delight...proper quality steak to make steak pie with and his own spice, puff pastry, lorne sausage, proper bacon, port chops, beef links, black pudding, fruit pudding, tattie scones, Dad was laughing at me saying 'but Clare it's only the 2 of us' ha ha 'yeah Dad but I'm home for a month' tehe. So that night the stew was in the slow cooker and was mouth wateringly delicious.

Dad and I had a wee run out to his golf club for coffee which was fab, a nice sunny warm day with stunning views over the River Clyde. On route strangely enough I was doing to do a favour for a friend in Phuket to visit his parents grave, we drove out to the cemetary and armed with names and description of location we found it with ease. While there I took some photographs and actually called my friend so he could facetime himself and see the stone where he raised a dram to his folks. Glad to be able to help somebody out especially when their so far from home. Cheers 😉

My first week I hung out with the family, with dinner's round at Eddie and Maria's, with all the family over, and a new addition to the house with the heated pool.. ha ha hilarious fun! Followed by music, the guitar's were out... the accordian... and the singing started, aw it's so good to be back. But I'm on a mission to get over to Ireland to see my young sister and her family as there's a new wee neice that I've still to meet so after only one week I head back to the airport again with a flight booked to Dublin, then a bus to Cork where she will pick me up then straight away we're off to a wedding.

So thank's guys for the lovely welcome home, I'll be back in a few days!

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