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May 16th 2012
Published: May 16th 2012
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Captain DaveCaptain DaveCaptain Dave

Dave is definitely in charge on boat
Today we began our boating adventure. The day started out in London where we ate breakfast next to a couple from Des Moines Iowa. What a small world it is. They had just arrived and were planning to spend a week in London followed by a week in Paris. We have run into several groups who are doing the same thing. We told them all we had done, what we had liked and what we did not think was worth doing. Then, Andy led us off to the train station and we started the journey up to Birmingham and Burton-on-Trent.
The marina was easy to find and they had a nice tea shop where we had lunch. After lunch, we lost track of Mom. She set out looking for restrooms and the next thing we knew, we couldn't find her. Turned out she had somehow entered a private mooring area that you needed a key to get in and out of. She followed a car in, and thankfully when she was ready to come out, someone was there to let her out. Gavin showed us the boat and told us what to do and what not to do. Among the
Baby ducksBaby ducksBaby ducks

Very cute
do these things .... Run your boat at least 8 hours a day, top off your water every two days, be safe, empty the loo, leave the switches on. The don'ts .... Don't hit other boats, don't make wakes in mooring areas, don't pass as you go under a bridge. And then, he guided us out of the marina and we were off. Dave was our first driver, and he successfully navigated several sticky situations with other boats. We have noticed that this is the time of year baby ducks, sheep, and swans are around. The baby ducks and sheep are cute. We actually haven't seen any baby swans, but we know they are around because the mama swans are MEAN. We almost got nipped at the marina by one of these swans.
The route we have chosen will take us to Stone where we will probably turn around in order to get back to the marina in time. Houses all along the way to look at, and many other rental and private boats out here on the canals. We have seen some boats that have wood burning heat, some with flower pots on top, and one boat that had
Coming onto the boatComing onto the boatComing onto the boat

Andy inspecting the boat
a puppy that ran up and down the length of the roof while the people were driving.
Other things we have seen today on the canals are coots ... This is some sort of duck .. and lots of folks running and walking along the tow paths.
Tomorrow we should get to our first lock .... Andy and I are looking forward to that.

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The evil swanThe evil swan
The evil swan

He could nip anywhere from your hips to your feet.
First mate JimmieFirst mate Jimmie
First mate Jimmie

Smiling because I didn't hit anything on my shift (about two minutes)
Driver's viewDriver's view
Driver's view

You drive from the back .... I was back there helping Dave

17th May 2012

Andy Watch Your Head!!
Looks like a nice boat! Seen any fish? Ask some locals if people fish the canals. Good luck with the locks tomorrow! Enjoy the float!

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