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April 27th 2008
Published: April 27th 2008EDIT THIS ENTRY

I can't believe it... I am sitting in my house writing this! That is the most wierd thing ever!

We left Auckland at around 9:45pm, and we had the worst seats on the plane. We had the two seats right in the middle of the plane, which means we had a person on each side of us, so it was not very easy to keep getting up and walking around... It wasn't as bad as I had expected. I watched a couple of movies, and we were served dinner which was quite nice - I had roast beef, kumara and peas, we also got ice-cream for pudding, which was nice.

I slept for a little while until they turned on the lights and served us with hotcakes for breakfast. They were really tasty! We landed in LAX about 12 hours after we left Auckland. We had to queue for a while in a really hot corridor, and it was not very well planned. We finally got through immigration control and had some snacks that they had made available for us.

We re-boarded the plane after about 2 hours in the transit lounge, and we were back in exactly the same seats as the last flight. It was not too bad, although I was kind of running out of movies to watch. I made do by watching a few TV programmes. Then, I slept for about 5-6 hours which was really good! :-D

We landed at London Heathrow at 10:43am, 17 minutes early.... We had to circle over the airport for a while, as we were so early and we did not have a slot to land. During this time, we got caught up in a storm and we actually got hit by lightening! It was quite funny, but also slightly scary!

Once Mel and I got our bags, we went out to see our parents, and it was really scary! We were both nervous for some reason! We found them straight away, and Mel was SUPER happy as Andrew was there as well, and she didn't think that he would be....

I got home, and had a shower straight away. It was so nice to have my own shower and all of my other clothes that I had to leave behind when I went away. I had some lunch which was really nice, and showed everyone all of my photos and some of the videos that I made during the three months.

I have now had dinner and it was really nice just to be able to stick the plates in a dishwasher afterwards, and not have to worry about cleaning up all of the things that I had used. I can't wait to get to sleep in my own bed again.... It will be strange but nice! I am missing Mel already. It is wierd not having her around....

All of the things that we have done over the past 90 days are still sinking in, some of them don't seem real at the moment, and I need to give them time to sink in to my brain! It has been the most amazing 90 days of my life, and I would not give them up for anything. I have changed as a person, I am so much more confident, happy and I know that I need to take every opportunity, and not let any opportunities slip away.... also I know not to regret anything, and to live life to the full.

Thank you so much to all of the people that have made this trip possible, but especially to Mel for making the trip such fun and such an amazing experience, I cannot think of anyone that I would rather have spent it with!



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