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August 25th 2006
Published: September 3rd 2006
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There was a couple of Australian flags waving, to the sounds of a great band - they sounded much better than we thought they would!
Friday the 25th to Sunday the 28th of August marked the dates of one of the biggest music festivals in North England, the Leeds Fesitval.

At the last minute we were able to get tickets - And only through a guy who was selling them on the internet. Mum, i can hear you right now - It sounds dodgy; but he turned to be a top bloke who helped us out with everything, and sold the tickets at lower than cost price.

Well after an hour of sorting things out on saturday morning, we had the Van set up in the camping area, ready to hit the dusty tracks in search of some live music. Thousands of other people were also in on it and it was sometimes a battle to get where we wanted to go. It was a half hour walk from the campsite to the front gates of the event - There were tents for as far as the eye can see, with beer bottles, camping equipment and cans of food lying about.

For most of the time there we drifted between the different tents and listening to whatever took our fancy.. We saw some
Real big FishReal big FishReal big Fish

Our photo's weren't that great, but these guys were awesome - high energy music with on-stage antics to match.
interesting bands, some with on-stage theatrics to match an operatic production. Some of the bands we wanted to see and enjoyed were Jet, Wolfmother, Kaiser Cheifs and Franz Ferdinand. Ben got to see one of his favourite bands, Reel Big Fish do their thing - they had the whole crowd dancing around and everyone had a great time.

We caught up with some of the guys from work during the daytime, and tried to meet up with them later on, at the main stage when the main bands were on. It was a nightmare, we couldn't fimd them through the thousands of people and the rain Although one of the guys (Warren) suggested we put our arms up in the air in the shape of an ostrich so they could find us, but nothing was working.

The festival finished late on the Sunday night, and with Stacey working the next day we chose an early start leaving at 5:30. Apart from lack of sleep this shouldn't have been a problem but on sunday night it rained, and rained, and rained. We nearly got bogged a couple of times and had an interesting slide down a hill towards a
Sonic Boom SixSonic Boom SixSonic Boom Six

A local band from Manchester; sounded great, and were the only band to include Disco whoot's in a song.
bogged SAAB. But we got out in the end, and recovered from the weekend to a new week of work.

It was heaps of fun and we are looking forward to summer next year, for another festival.

Well see you round like a rissole,

Cheerio, ta ta for now, seeya

Ben and Stace

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Franz Ferdipants (Ferdinand)Franz Ferdipants (Ferdinand)
Franz Ferdipants (Ferdinand)

They were the headline band on the saturday night and had everyone dancin around like they were in their pyjamas.
A pink home away from homeA pink home away from home
A pink home away from home

I wonder if he keeps it in a secret undergound cave during the working week.
Another small band we sawAnother small band we saw
Another small band we saw

I think it was the Vines.. Sounded great.
Belle and SebastianBelle and Sebastian
Belle and Sebastian

With some interesting 1950's influenced Murials in the background. They provided an eclectic mix of chamber music, pop and good times.

4th September 2006

A comment
Hi dudes, I have the visual of the clide into the SAAB, hmmmmm. Sounds like a great weekend. Loved the latest addition.
8th September 2006

where did you get that hat da da da da da da
Is that the hat that matches your hawaiin gear ? sounds like a blast on the trip. I'm into nude-mode, lovely, we have a 2 minute nudle section this year such fun!! works to be no bigger than 65+90mm in size no. 1 is Floss made out of string no.2 is drying out on the stove as we speak [euphamistically speaking] old, and I'm having fun
26th September 2006

Next episode please
Hey travellers! Anxiously awaiting the next installment of your whacky adventures.....I'm staying tuned so don't disappoint....when are you back in the land of OZ?

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