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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Tyne & Wear » Whitley Bay August 25th 2019

I was up bright and early. The sunrise was flooding light from the east into my high tide abode. The hotel breakfast was a tenner, but with a Spoons just round the corner it was a no brainer to have a traditional for less than half the price. I refilled my flat white 3 times to get me going. The badminton in the World Transplant Games was starting in earnest today at Sport Central. I nipped in to check proceedings. The previous day there had been a few at practice. Today, there were possibly 250 people milling about as well as the competitors. There was a large Thai and British contingent, as well as significant numbers from India, France, Sweden, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. A few Germans wandered around looking efficient. The Iranian women looked ... read more
Whitley Bay

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Tyne & Wear » Whitley Bay May 13th 2013

I know, and my fellow travelers know, too, that this is something very much on the mind of all of you back home. And so, in order to enlighten and entertain, I now offer this essay. Earlier I wrote how we conspired to secret the bacon from our breakfast table into a plastic baggy so that we could picnic later that day. We felt we had to sneak and we were certain our hosts and hostesses were not aware of our efforts. Not since the Boston Tea Party was there such chicanery - right? So, you could have been aware that bacon was a regular part of the breakfast. Now you will learn more, much more. First of all, everyone here uses and understands the term "Full English Breakfast." Part of the routine at the check-in ... read more
The Full English: Part 1
The Full English: Part 2
One version (with black pudding)

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Tyne & Wear » Whitley Bay July 9th 2010

Well, after some emotional goodbyes (on my part at least!) we have both finished work and it's only a matter of days until we leave! I can't believe the time has gone so fast and it's actually only FOUR days until our flights. As far as I am aware we have everything we need, now to filter through it and throw half out so we can actually lift the bags (again on my part!). Next stop... BANGKOK! See you there! Rachel x... read more

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