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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Surrey » Weybridge May 26th 2019

The Golfing Bucket List of World Top 100 Courses Continues Wednesday 29 May – Golf at Swinley Forest Golf Club. What a start to the day – Awoke to a screaming fire alarm at 7.30am. Ran out the door half dressed – GG clutching his shoes and looking for his man bag, arrived in the foyer with all the other guests all looking as stunned as we were. When the alarms ceased we were told that a guest had sprayed the bathroom heavily with deodorant and that had set off the alarms – well I guess the good thing was that it proved the alarms worked but it was a mad am start. Off to Swinley Forest Golf Club located in Great Windsor Park at Ascot – yes the big racing centre and there were lots ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Surrey » Weybridge May 25th 2019

The World Top 100 Bucket List continues - Thursday 30 May – Golf at St Georges Hill Golf Club. Well this was one of the courses that we were both really intrigued by and so looking forward to playing. When we saw it on the World Top 100 list and then looked at the website we were amazed that they allowed visitors at the club to play the course it looked so private. We arrived at a very serious Check Point Charlie type entrance, spoke to a lovely guard who checked our booking, photographed our car number plate and then opened the gates for us. Wow what a world exists behind these gates. A beautiful community of gardens, private roads, mansions and woodlands – as we followed the road around we then came upon a clubhouse ... read more
8th hole a par 3 with lots of trouble here
12th a hilly par 4
13th hole another great par 3 with flowering water lillies in the pond

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Surrey » Weybridge August 11th 2014

As most of you know, the past year has been a somewhat difficult one for Mike and I. I, in particular, have had mixed feelings about moving to the United Kingdom and therefore the final week of goodbyes and farewells became incredibly emotionally taxing and somewhat exhausting. Usually saying goodbye and turning my sights to new adventures on the horizon gives me a tingle in my stomach and anxious desire to explore. This, I will admit, went very differently. Trying to coax myself with one of my favourite travel quotes by Christopher Columbus, “You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.” Needless to say, by the time the plane had taken off, I was in floods of tears. I even forgot to do my usual ritual of ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Surrey » Weybridge » Reigate August 5th 2011

Hello to anyone still reading, This is the last entry for the trip, all are safely at home hopefully enjoying a lie in. Since my last post we explored Dijon quite a bit more and found a lot more depth to the place; the buzzing highstreet and modern town square balancing the sleepy tudor-reminscent old town where we were staying. Paris however, proved to be much more exciting: a whistestop tour of monuments and landmarks - a sprinting finish to an amazing trip. The place that particularly struck me was the Arc de Triomphe; the fact that it was a historical text in itself and Phillips's stunning translation of Charles de Gaulle's inscribed speech. We also made a full sampling of baguettes, quiches and pastries and pronounced them delicious. The trip back to England was relatively ... read more
waiting for ferry

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Surrey » Weybridge June 9th 2011

Hello all, Here we have the best (relatively) cost free way of keeping in contact, updated semi regularly with pictures to boot ;) First update will be from Berlin. Feel free to share with whoever may be interested. :) See you all soon James ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Surrey » Weybridge July 28th 2009

As a special treat the AGM of the Rapier Register was held in the Bluebird Room which is inside the historic clubrooms. There were over 30 Lagonda Rapiers present including 8 Rapiers which is 20 percent of the 40 Rapier cars produced. A fabulous turn out.... read more
The Eccles Rapier
The Eccles Rapier

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Surrey » Weybridge May 24th 2007

10 days to go and we've finally managed to figure out how to set up a blog and invite everyone to view it! So far we've been pumped full of rabies, meningitis and hepatitis and loving every minute of it (what a rush!). We've got a bumper pack of Immodium and factor 40 sun-tan lotion. See you all at the leaving party on the 2nd! PS. It IS fancy dress, please re-read the original email! Ims & Paul... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Surrey » Weybridge April 8th 2007

england Europe » United Kingdom » England » Surrey » Weybridge By kiter daveApril 8th 2007G'day guys and girls Here are some photos of our sights over the past week at the South side sea side and around London... read more
Kensington Palace
Enjoying the sun

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Surrey » Weybridge April 4th 2007

Whoops! We have had a wonderful quote from our man Lloyd on the price for our tickets. Travel Nation were really good, we paid our deposit a fortnight ago and had until today to pay the balance. Imogen phoned me this evening in a panic saying Did we need to pay by today? - of course not, I told her. Oh bugger, it's 22:55 and I've just emailed Lloyd asking if we're going to be OK. Could this be the end before we've even started?!... read more

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