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August 7th 2016
Published: August 10th 2016
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Sunday August 7,2016

This morning woke up and had a nice breakfast with Sally and Clare and second day in London. Sally 's second day at her Felting workshop and another day to explore and hopefully not get totally lost. Around 9:45 am - both Sally and I said "Thanks and good bye to Clare and walked out the door to start our day. We put our overnight bag in the trunk and Sally & I made a plan to meet up at Newbury Park on the Central Line around 5pm or so. I walked to the bust stop down from Clare's house and hopped on the C2 bus towards Victoria train and tube station. I got off in Camden Town and headed off to the markets and stalls!! Amazing and fascinating area of London! Unique shops and another great place for people watching. I stopped and chatted with a guy dressed up as a historical town crier and I took his photo. New,vintage,modern and fun stores to walk into as well!! There are a lot of wonderful and international food stalls and cafes around in that area which I liked a lot. The canal was nice and the market was very busy on a Sunday ! I had a wonderful lunch on the go and then it was time to head to Spitafields Market and Liverpool St.

After lunch- I got back onto another C2 bus which stopped off at Victoria Train/Tube Station but it was a very pretty scenic route . I met a young woman from the Ukraine studying in London and we chatted about mystery/thriller authors. She was reading Raymond Chandler and I introduced to her Jack Higgins! Awesome! Before I went to the tube station, stopped into the foyer of a beautiful and grand hotel in and near Grosvenor Park. Walked to the tube station and headed towards Liverpool Street Station and to Spitafields Market. A wonderful and nice but modern market than Camden Town!! it was also a very busy market on Sunday as well! I walked towards Bethel Green and again I got lost but was able to ask for directions to get the tube station which was a lot further than I thought. I tried to find a specific shop which I had researched on the web only to find that at it's address that the store had folded before christmas. it was a fun,great,adventurous day out in London and just glad to get onto the right tube line heading towards where Sally would pick me up. One last glitch on the train line and it took me a few more minutes to get to my stop but finally made it to Newbury Park which would only be 1 hour and 20 minute drive for the bot of us. Yeah! Time to head home and relax!! Thank you and Good Night Folks!!!!


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