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March 24th 2007
Published: March 24th 2007
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Hello All~
We took a small tour of the countryside on Saturday. Sadly it is very similar to Kansas (but much greener) so it wasn't as interesting as I had hoped. We did see Koi's jobsite from a distance--its in a "dodgey" area--glad we're not living in Immingham! We will have to venture farther away to see better landscaping. However, it was very exciting to see all the different architecture and old buildings. We visited our first Cathedral. It is in the city of Lincoln, about 30 minutes from where we are staying. The cathedral is appropriately named, Lincoln Cathedral. You never really realize how old, old is, until you see it. It was an amazing site. So beautiful and so huge! It is tucked away in the centre of Lincoln. There are little streets that twist around the area--neat shops and pubs. The cathedral has been through a few changes, due to fires and additions, since its creation in 1072. However, it has stayed relatively the same for the last 200 years. It is the third largest in Britain. We had been driving most of the day already so we did not take the tour. We are very excited to go back and see the rest of the Cathedral. Did I mention this is the Cathedral used in the movie The DaVinci Code. There was an orchestra and choir playing when we arrived. It made the atmosphere even more enjoyable. I have to learn how to use my camera better indoors. So when we return hopefully I can take some better pictures. Outside of the Cathedral is a castle. The weather wasn't cooperating so we didn't tour it either. So much to see and it's so close!

Koi starts work Monday so the siteseeing will be saved for the weekends. Construction starts April 1st so right now they are going through all their safety meetings. Exciting! There is already a power plant constructed (thats part of what you see in the pic) so they are adding on to it. Can't wait to show you all more. Until then. . .



BTW, I tried driving a little more. Not as scary as I thought, but deffinately different!

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26th March 2007

Looks like fun
I hope the beer over there is all that it's built up to be. And Stacey, if you start to get homesick just remember these three things: 1) Nobody in England likes you, 2) You're really far from home, and 3) Urine alleviates jellyfish stings. I hope this was helpful.
27th March 2007

be careful not to let one off in front of one of those! HAHA! The cathedral is awesome kind of spooky to think it is that old! Talk to you both soon!
27th March 2007

soccer games
You guys are going to see so much great stuff. See at least ONE soccer game for me. Sit in the stadium amongst all those crazy English fans then tell me all about it !!!! :) Have a great time! Jenn
28th March 2007

Glad you made it
This blog thing is so great! I'm glad you guys made it and look forward to hearing all about your weekend excursions. You'll have to let me know if they really say things like "bloody" and "mate." : )
28th March 2007

They love us!
John just remember these 3 things while living in Seattle: 1) 2months of part sun 2)you are the only "cowboy" in a city full of Nirvana obsessed, grungey bums 3) Urine also kills athletes foot.
30th March 2007

hi guys! i never really knew what a blog was before so thank you for this technological exposure. i apologize for not writing sooner but feel i've been informed on your trip thus far through your website... love it! not much new here, i'll start my long term sub any day now and the coffee gig is going pretty well. keep us updated!
3rd April 2007

HI Guys!
I love the blog! The cathedral's amazing, everything is so new here. Be safe on the wrong side of the road (I think I'd just walk)...
4th April 2007

Do you have writer's block?
Where's the beef? You have two entries within two days, and then nothing for two weeks! I figured apathy would eventually set in, but not this early in the game. I want pictures of something British and I want them now! If you need some picture ideas, try these: Prince Charles kicking a homeless man, soccer hooligans, a police officer, your local grocery store, a topless woman walking down the street (also acceptable if she is mowing her lawn, doing jumping-jacks, or hanggliding), etc. Keep up the good work.
15th April 2007

looks like just a bunch of old "crap"
What time do the CHIEFS play?
16th April 2007

what up!
Love the cemetary glad i can always check in on you now!! But id really like to see more photos of hot young english dudes who may or may not live in Buckingham Palace.....!! Love you guys!! Sam
20th April 2007

Hey Stacey, I'm with John...You're in England for heavens sakes, post more! We miss you something fierce. Hugs and love to you!

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