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April 22nd 2007
Published: April 22nd 2007
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Hello All~

I have been getting tons of messages asking about more blogs. So here's the deal---we have moved into a house. We have been in the house for over 2 weeks and still don't have internet. Koi was able to download a wireless program to his computer but that means I can only use it when he's home from work. Also, it is very, very, very slow. Therefore, I can't download photos(there's also security things that won't allow it on his computer) and it is difficult to email b/c the service is so slow. I would love to go somewhere to use the internet but no one here has it! We are currently, finally, getting a landline connected today so we will be receiving our equipment for the internet sometime in the next 2 weeks. Every thing we have tried doing since we arrived has been an issue. Every weekend has been wasted to waiting on some delivery or some service connection. We have not seen anything cool since Lincoln Cathedral so I don't have much to blog about yet. We picked up Riley on Wed so that was very exciting. He got here all in one piece! Yeah!!! As soon as we get internet I will blog again. We are living in a village called Scotter and I will show you pics of it as soon as I can. Until then, we are enjoying great weather and yummy English beer!



23rd April 2007

Hurray to great beer!
Was great talking with you and koi the other day! I am very excited to see the photos of the new place! The new people are in your place now! Very Sad!! Missing you from SW Washington!
7th May 2007

That must be a great village you are living in since it shares my name. Have fun and drink some warm beer for me.

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