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March 21st 2007
Published: March 21st 2007
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Forest Pines HotelForest Pines HotelForest Pines Hotel

This is the hotel we are staying in. Many business people stay here and there's 27 holes of golf.
Hello Friends & Family~

Welcome to my blog--We have made it to England! We are sitting at the Forest Pines Hotel in Broughton, North Lincolnshire. To be blunt the hotel is a maze(we're in the middle) and the staff is unfriendly--we really don't like it here. We are ready to find a residence! Not much has happened in the last 48hours since we've arrived. Jet lag is catching up to us. We've tested out the roads--wrong side of car/road & different road signs--and and we've looked for homes. We've looked at some dumps and have more to see tomorrow. Looks like we might be living with the couple we flew in with just so we can have a house that's similar to our standard of living. We have been searching so far in the Scunthorpe area and are pretty sure that's where we'll land. The house we really like is in a little village south of Scunthorpe called Scotter. It's a really pretty area and only a couple of miles away from more city-like life. The guys went to site today for meetings. Tomorrow and the rest of the weekend is house hunting and siteseeing. Please check back for new blogs. At the bottom of the page you will see a link to subscribe. If you subscribe you will be notified each time I enter a new blog. When I have more interesting things to share I will write again. For those of you who are unsure of time differences, right now the UK has not changed to Daylight Savings. So in the Midwest we are 5 hours ahead and for you all in the Pacific Northwest we are 7 hours ahead. After this weekend add an extra hour. Miss you all, We'll write again soon

Stacey & Koi

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Wrong Side II!Wrong Side II!
Wrong Side II!

Notice the cars in the background driving on the opposite side. Weird!
Tank of Gas SaleTank of Gas Sale
Tank of Gas Sale

With the conversion of the dollar this tank of gas is worth almost $90!

22nd March 2007

The roads are officially unsafe in Europe now that Koi is behind the wheel!
22nd March 2007

Glad you guys are safe
Hey this blog thing you set up is very cool. I am glad you are taking notes. Hope it doesn't take as long as that photo book did!!!! Will be in touch.
22nd March 2007

It's not OZ either
Hang in there, kids, it really does get better. You must first understand that you will not ever find a house that is equal to American standards that you can afford. But remember, this is all part of the experience - and it truly is worthwhile. You will find as Rich and I came to realize how spoiled we are in the good old USA. You will really appreciate home. After being in England for 4 years, I spent 4 hours in the Hen House at 119th street just looking at all of the choices! I would do it all again, though. It changed our lives in a really good way. You guys are all so much younger - you'll do even better than we did! Enjoy each moment - it's over before you know it. Love to all of you........Trudy
24th March 2007

It was fun talking to you on the webcam yesterday!!! We hope we can do that often. Good luck finding a place.

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