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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Lincolnshire » Mablethorpe March 16th 2008

Well what a name to give to a rideout but it will become apparent as you all read on. We decided to go for a rideout today but there were no plans for a destination when we made our arrangements, there were some suggestions but nothing confirmed, so this morning I got home from work around 5-am and straight to bed to be woken by my alarm at 10-am and climbing into my leathers and additional cold, wet weather gear, I headed off to meet the others at one of our regular meeting points, McDonalds at M1 Junction 30. Arriving at McDonalds, I saw the familiar group of motorbikes parked up but was surprised not to see Paul’s Pan European ST1100, (you couldn’t miss it really because it was an ex police bike) in the car ... read more
The 5 bikes out today
The unforbidding sea

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Lincolnshire » Mablethorpe January 28th 2008

With the ‘s no rally coming up in just over a week I suggested a ride out the following Sunday (28th), just to blow the cobwebs off the bikes and to give new members the opportunity for a ride out with the club. Someone suggested the Sand racing at Mablethorpe as a destination and with me as the leader. Sunday arrived and I headed off to Mc Donald’s just off the M1 at junction 30, a regular meeting point for ride outs, having walked the dog beforehand. I was the second to arrive and I knew some of the regular riders wouldn’t be able to make the ride out but I was quite surprised to see 6-bikes turn up with a total of 9 riders in the party. We set off towards out destination around 10:15 ... read more
The Juniors ready to start
Action on the track
This Guy was fast

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