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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Kent » Faversham February 15th 2018

Well arrived at Heathrow eventually.....never with Qatar again...rocked up to Tullamarine 8.00pm for our 1030pm flight to be told it will not be leaving until 1.00a.m. Anyway staked out a new bar and had a few beers whilst waiting...nearly 14hrs to Doha and then another 7 1/2 to Heathrow, collected our hire car a little Jazz and off to Faversham. Very tired but thought the 1hr 20 min drive would be OK but as soon as we hit the freeway...stop start stop start....2hr15min later arrived in Faversham, a very cute English town where Eloise and Dean live with their littly Dylan, also Bob Geldof. Booked into our AirBNB which is a lovely old home walking distance to El and Dean's....El had a beautiful home cooked meal ready for us and it was great to catch up ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Kent » Faversham July 16th 2017

Hi Travel followers. We have been very slack in regard to our Travel Blog (where does the time go) and hence have decided to join a few together in an attempt to catch up to where we are at the moment. So much has been happening it is hard to fit it all in. From Cradley we moved on to our 5th house sit at Wellington, but on the way we stopped in at Bath to check out some of the sights. We must also say our house sit at Tracebridge was absolutely beautiful and was first built in the 10th century as a Roman "barn" but has had a number of renovations every few hundred years to a saw mill and then to a house around the 1700's. The pets/animals we are also caring for ... read more
Roman Circus Bath
Bath River and Bridge
Our three care dogs Jim, Flash & Stanley the terrier

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Kent » Faversham July 13th 2012

I have mentioned Philip and Pat numerous times since we arrived back in Ellesmere and most of the comments seem to revolve around food or drink. Next week we will join them in Burgundy for a two week holiday near Cluny, where I am only too aware that we will enjoy many a glass of the local wine and fare. This week it was birthday time for Philip and to toast the occasion we travelled up to Didsbury near Manchester for a wonderful birthday meal cooked by Mark. It was a great night, which saw Mark produce a six course meal in his flat that would not have looked out of place at a restaurant. It was stunning and we were thrilled to be part of the very intimate dinner party – it had been awful ... read more
PAW Birthday
Big School
The Wedding Party

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Kent » Faversham April 20th 2011

Canterbury Was an OK walk down to Canterbury, but there is a bus service. We had been to Canterbury before so it was a mooch rather than a mission. I had a book token and there were several craft shops. Julia's sister picked us up so we didn't walk up the hill. Family Stuff We had lunch at the van and the sisters tried out some songs for the evening. Julia's sister had us round for tea before going off to Faversham. Faversham Folk Club Kieran Halpin was the guest and apart from Julia and her sister the other floor spots were occupied by singer songwriters (including one who had guested at the club).... read more
Spot the door
Narrow Streets

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Kent » Faversham December 22nd 2010

Hiii. This is my travel blog that I have set up in preparation for my trip to Mongolia in March. On here, I will keep you all up to date with what I am doing in preparation for the trip as well as keeping you informed whilst I'm out there. Details should be posted in the next couple of months as to my placement. Ahhh nervous much! This blog is making it all seem really very real! :) xxx... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Kent » Faversham August 31st 2009

4 weeks to the off and neither of us is fit enough yet to walk at altitude on the punishing climbs of the Salkantay trail, which reach heights of over 4,500 metres, for six hours a day in order to reach Macchu Pichu. In order to overcome this slight disadvantage we went for a walk in deepest kent. 12 miles by Faversham along the Saxon shore way. Ok - it was only 5 hours and the highest altitude we reached was probably only about 10 metres but it was pretty knackering nonetheless. We recovered in the evening with a bottle of Cava and a takeaway Indian. As all professional athletes know, training is as much about refuelling in a scientific manner as it is about the hard miles!... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Kent » Faversham June 21st 2009

just testing this out.... hopefully it will be a happier and more enjoyable read than the last one, that was just doom and gloom and disease. very excited anyway...this time i'll be very techno and put photos on this blog, how exciting. that's all for now, i have to pack all my cowgirl things. i'll update as soon as i can, apparently internet access is limited on the ranch!xxxx... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Kent » Faversham August 6th 2008

One of the fears at the back of your mind when you are camping is that of theft: Your bike being stolen at night, your gear being pulled out from under the tent flaps (our tent being so small that we couldn't acutally fit anything in it but ourselves), basically waking up in the morning finding yourself with nothing left but the sleeping bag and sleeping mat you went to bed in. We decided to cycle up from Dover to London, partly to pass a few days, partly because I wanted to see Canterbury, and partly because we wanted to pass the 4,500km mark on our trip, but basically because we had more time than money and it was somewhere to see. So we bought a cycling map when we arrived in Dover, had a large ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Kent » Faversham July 20th 2008

20th July Well Mum we went to Faversham today its where we had that beautiful pie and new potatoes. On the way we stopped at a Farmers Market. Over here they 're like a supermarket in a barn with local produce. Then we went to a Fruit Festival. We only went to the entrance where we bought cherries and ate them straight away. It was going to cost 40 pounds to get in and see it though. So we didn't go. I had planned a walk around Faversham - the canels and the sights. However, it started off bad when both Blake and Anton said they had a headache. Blake said he'd got hit by the soccer ball it had fallen on his head and it had hurt. So off we go on this 7 k ... read more
Shipwrecked Pub

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