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July 1st 2005
Published: July 1st 2005
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Trafalgar 200Trafalgar 200Trafalgar 200

History in the Making
Well my diary of adventures is pretty stale at the moment so I thought I would take this oppurtunity to write a little entry to ease my mind. I am hopefully exchanging on Wednesday 6th July and this could be the day my plans start turning into a reality and not just a thought or pipe dream.
I was at the Trafalgar 200 celebrations with some friends the other night and I bumped into a couple people I had not seen in a while told them my plans etc and they loved it.

You either know two type of people those that think you are nuts selling it all up and travelling or those that love your sense of adventure and the lust and dream for something more life satisfying than the office 9 to 5 or 8 to 6 as in my case.

I have been buying a few items for going away I now have a Berghaus Rucksack for going away a ScubaPro dive kit bag which contains my newly aquired kit: Oceanic FX PRO BCD, Oceanic ZX Reg Set. and Fins etc.

I have started to sell some items from my home but I am awaiting Wednesday 6th before I start going nuts and sell my TV Sofa and all the comforts of home last thing I want to do is sit in a empty house for two months.

I can almost feel the sand beneath my feet and the dream seems so much more closer


1st July 2005

Matey, Great start to your biggest adventure yet... Looking forward to meeting you here in bright and sunny Malaysia...maybe then, I'll pick up diving too :) Kevin
6th July 2005

Hi there, finally a chance to jot something down for you. Glad you are doing what you ahve set your heart to! Enjoy today to the max as you don't know wat will come tomorrow.
28th July 2005

hi bruce its garry court just like to say hi and wish you well

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