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July 20th 2005
Published: August 10th 2005
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Well its been a fun few weeks since my last update…I move out of my house this Sunday 24th July 2005 I guess this is where it all starts.

First Stop Magaluf with Simon, Craig, Rob going for a week of relaxation, meditating and drinking green tea all week. (Honest)

The last few weeks has been a bit of a stressful time boxing up or selling material items you have worked so hard to accumulate is emotional and surprising as it becomes more and more obvious that you do not need that much junk and possessions to actually survive and live.

I think things may be easier than I thought to move out as I have been doing it gradually so it is not such a cold sharp shock to the system.

I was recently in a long-term relationship that meant the world to me but ending that has helped me realise this dream. It was not an easy decision but it made the decsion to go away seem all that easier.

Quitting work was easy and probably one of the easiest decisions I have made

I never thought I suppose I would have this opportunity but as soon as I had the vision of the idea I knew that it would happen.

Some people have helped me along the way with ideas and motivation when I doubted my decision

Omar MNE Rawlings….Well what can I say it’s all your fault! No seriously he has been there from the start and has provided me with a lot of motivation when things don’t seem right or I get apprehensive………Live The Dream

Chris Dore….Always there with the right advice and a level head been away before as some of us know so will give me a few pointers on how to make it past 5 weeks!

John H. Lots of talk about the right stuff cheers

Work…Cheers for pissing me off regular.

I will miss all my family and friends no question about it but there will new people to meet.

Anyway before I get too sappy I’ll report back after I have pickled my liver!!!!


21st July 2005

Good for you
Hi found your site whilst taking a break from trying to add pictures to mine. We also have just sold everyting (house, business, pets!! )to travel for 2 years, and yes everyone thinks we are mad or brave. Hope it is everything you wish it to be, good luck
21st July 2005

Oh and we are also from Hampshire, so thats 3 less on the crowded roads.

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