Magwe, home of Aung San

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March 12th 2015
Published: June 22nd 2017
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Docking at MagweDocking at MagweDocking at Magwe

The ropes are held by a 1,200mm long bamboo stake hammered into the bank. I was surprised it could hold the boat - as you can see the top rope is quite taut.
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With a population of 500,000 Magwe is one of the largest cities in Myanmar. The new capital Naypyitaw is still being built more or less midway between Mandalay and Yangon, but the Parliament and many government functions have already been transferred there.

In Magwe we saw the original statue of General Aung San sitting on his horse, and there are many copies throughout Myanmar. Then we visited the Myat Than Lun Pagoda on the banks of the Irrawaddy and finished up with a visit to the local market. I think I've already seen enough pagodas and markets, I'll consider staying on board and getting another massage next time.

We had a brief moment of wi-fi this morning after we docked at Magwe. It was painfully slow and I just left my iPad connected while we went ashore, and emails were downloaded and I think the blog updated. We departed within a few minutes of re-embarking so I had no internet time to check things and tidy up.

After a game of Blitz this afternoon, we had a demonstration of traditional dress and the various ways to tie a "longyi" - a Burmese tube sarong. A very versatile piece of clothing. Also another talk and demonstration of the skin lotion made from the bark of the Thanakha tree. This was followed by a full ship's tour, including the kitchens, engine room, bridge and, interestingly, the crew's quarters.

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One minute laterOne minute later
One minute later

Some of our passengers are not too nimble on their feet and find these gangway arrangements quite challenging. The crew does put up handrails, in case you are wondering.
General Aung SanGeneral Aung San
General Aung San

Aung San fought for the Japanese in WWII so Britain had mixed feelings about him. Churchill called him a murdering quisling traitor, but it was the British Labour government under Atlee that was in power after the War, so Churchill's views did not prevail.
Tan Kyi Mt PagodaTan Kyi Mt Pagoda
Tan Kyi Mt Pagoda

Would have been a nice view if not for the haze - smoke from burning off, I think.
RV Cruiseco Explorer at MagweRV Cruiseco Explorer at Magwe
RV Cruiseco Explorer at Magwe

Our cabin is second from the right on the lower deck. Dining room is the back third of the lower deck. Middle deck is all cabins. Then bridge, lounge and sun deck at the rear of the top deck. We will be doing a full tour of the boat this afternoon.
Cruise Manager's cabinCruise Manager's cabin
Cruise Manager's cabin

The lowest deck contains the engine room, crew quarters and other utility spaces. The portholes are about 1m above water level.
Crew roomCrew room
Crew room

This room had 12 berths with an ensuite WC, shower and two handbasins. Other rooms housed six berths with an ensuite. Not bad for space and amenity, but very little personal space for clothing, etc.

14th March 2015

Check out the bridge in background, wot a monster. Yep, i would one of the less comfortable with the gangway! Freak, would surely get the poly wobbles and see how deep the water is Marma!
14th March 2015

Me again, but loving this insight. This cabin is ok but one following is a bit squeezy with no personal space, as you say. At least seasickness wouldnt be a factor.
15th March 2015

Hi, you are quick to arrive HONGKONG, enjoy you travelling. we will go to Guangzhou to attend a fair tonight
15th March 2015

It seems like you're having a great time! Nice photos!

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