Upstream to Thayet

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March 11th 2015
Published: June 22nd 2017
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Our first sunrise on boardOur first sunrise on boardOur first sunrise on board

The river is wide and quite clean. It's level now is nearly 10m below the high water in the wet season - May to September. The cruises don't run during the wet season.
Geo: 19.329, 95.1817

Coffee and pastries at 6am for the early risers. Breakfast from 7-9am, and we leave for our shore excursion at 9:30, all very civilised!

Thayet was an administrative centre under the British. We had a very quaint horse and buggy/cart tour of the markets, the colonial golf club (1887) and the colonial post office. Good fun, and our buggy driver was very talkative and keen to point out all the sights.

We fitted in a massage on board before lunch and in the afternoon had a presentation and BBC documentary film on Aung San, the 'father' of Burma who was assassinated in 1947 at age 32, the year before independence from Britain. He is also the father of Aung San Suu Kyi who, at age 69 leads the democratic party into the much anticipated general election this November. It was explained that under the 1988 Constitution Suu Kyi is not eligible to become Myanmar's leader, and interesting times are ahead.

In the evening we watched "The Lady", a fairly recent movie about ASSK with Michelle Yeo acting. It was pretty tedious and too long.

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Buggy trainBuggy train
Buggy train

Novel transportation, and fun (and bumpy).
We're off!We're off!
We're off!

With our talkative guide.
Thayet marketThayet market
Thayet market

As usual, a maze of narrow alleyways with all sorts of goods for sale. There's that bark face lotion again.
Thayet Golf ClubThayet Golf Club
Thayet Golf Club

Affiliated with the R&A St Andrews, no less! It was definately a nine-hole goat track, but it remains the oldest golf course in Myanmar. I have the tee shirt to prove it.
Our half groupOur half group
Our half group

I bought a bunch of local cheroots at the market (for less than $1). Now I have to convince my fellow passengers to take a puff with me this evening. Only one taker, so far. Not sure how I'll go after not having smoked a cigarette for 25 years!
Thayet Post OfficeThayet Post Office
Thayet Post Office

Being all timber, it's a wonder it hasn't burned down yet. Stamps were relatively very expensive at 500 kyat each. 1,000 kyat (pronounced 'chat') is about 1 USD.

12th March 2015

Thanks for sharing the history of this country. How is the tipping in Myanmar?Im wondering what you are doing up at sunrise? But it does look really interesting.
14th March 2015

All tipping is included in our package but it does not seem to be a big deal. In the markets the prices start low and we're advised there's little or no "discounts" available.
14th March 2015

Aw gee, how much fun and good you had a talkative guide/driver, makes it all the more interesting, and a connection of a local theme. You both look like you're having a great time. It is humbling to have them place so much importance on yo
u when you personally show interest and it is an honour, i take it, to be invited into their world. Savour and enjoy!
14th March 2015

Did you give it a go Robby-dob? Could always wash it off later, bet it deosnt smell too crash hot, but i guess like all "native" remedies/treatments, it would do the job, the The Houses of France and Italy come on board and charge squillio
ns, for the introduction of perfume and refinement.
14th March 2015

You look so good. Shame you couldnt say you actually played it, a tick in the box, as it were. Wave the credentials around when next you play at St A!
14th March 2015

So i wont be expecting a postcard then!

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