Sa Lay, then Tan Kyi Mountain

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March 13th 2015
Published: June 22nd 2017
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Streets of Sa LayStreets of Sa LayStreets of Sa Lay

We were told in all seriousness that the bags of water (which adorn most of the buildings) are to aid in firefighting.
Geo: 20.8364, 94.7408

Had a big breakfast of chicken and egg noodle soup, potato curry and parathas and fried eggs and bacon, then finished off with a pancake. The food has been very good with Burmese and Western choices, and the service impeccable.

Did a walking tour through Sa Lay which again has many grand colonial buildings in disrepair. There are government cement and fertiliser works in the town and these employ many of the locals. Their second job, as everywhere, is agriculture. In this region the soils are not so fertile, so predominatly legumes are grown. Peanut oil and sesame oil are two of the main local products.

In the last couple of hours the eastern bank of the river has become quite mountainous and rugged. Tan Kyi Mtn was reached by a 15 minute drive in a convoy of Tarago equivalents. The inevitable pagoda occupied the top of the hill but again the air was not clear enough to appreciate the view. The countryside is dotted with circular holes that we were told are mines to retrieve some sort of oil and gas products. Another explanation we heard of these low concrete circular structures (about 3m in diameter) was that they were

This little one was gravely waving and blowing kisses to us as we passed by. I think I stunned her when I approached to take the photo.
built around planted sacred Banyan trees, to keep the goats away. I never saw any trees growing in them, and these disparate explanations remain unresolved.

Additional photos below
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Wooden monastery Wooden monastery
Wooden monastery

A teaching monastery and assorted religious structures.

Another 17th© teak monastery that has been converted to a museum.
Looking out from Tan Kyi MtnLooking out from Tan Kyi Mtn
Looking out from Tan Kyi Mtn

Impressive location.
Setting sunSetting sun
Setting sun

We rarely see clear blue skies. This is not an industrialised country so the haze can hardly be chemical pollution. Smoke from burning off is more likely.

14th March 2015

Oh pleeeese! Lovely structure and bet its as clean as a whistle and they' re very proud of their home.
14th March 2015

Wot a poppet! Interesting door adornment, or ancient flysrceening? Cant go back to review, so will post anyway.
14th March 2015

14th March 2015

On top of the world! Grand view! Is that a covered walkway up the side? Not dwellings? Cant see too clearly
17th March 2015

Yes. A covered stairway.

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