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July 30th 2006
Published: August 16th 2011
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London - Atlanta - Nashville - Clarksville

So, today is the day. I'm headed home. We got up early and loaded everything back into the car and Brian drove me to Gatwick. We left in plenty of time had traffic been even remotely normal. But, it took us an hour to drive the last 10 miles to the airport. Traffic was horrible! I now realize I should have had Brian drop me off at the train station and caught the train into Gatwick. But, you live and learn. I was about to be late for my flight and I need to be at work tomorrow (yes, I'm a glutton for punishment!) and couldn't miss it. Brian dropped me off, said to call when I made it to the gate so he knew I wasn't getting stuck in London for the day, and said goodbye.

I ran inside and looked for Delta checkin. The airport was complete chaos. I saw the sign for Delta and breathed a sigh of relief that the line wasn't too long. I go up to the nice Delta guy and he tells me I'm in the wrong line. I didn't look long enough or hard enough to realize that the lines were divided by destination. I was in line for the wrong destination. The line I SHOULD be in had about 50 people in it. This one had about 5. He told me I could stay 😊

Thank goodness! As it was I barely made it to my flight. They were calling last boarding call when I made it on. I called Brian when I sat down on the plane to let him know that I'd made it.

So, here I am winging my way back to the States. This trip was incredible and I can't wait until my next one. Matt and I are moving to Germany in the spring of '07 so I know I'll have many, many more travels to write about. I'm glad I had this trip to go on first so I learned all the things I shouldn't do and what I should. I know that the more I travel, the better I'll get, but it was nice to get some of the major mistakes out of the way now.

I'll definitely be returning to Scotland...hopefully with Matt. There's so much there that I'd like to share with him.


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