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July 29th 2006
Published: August 16th 2011
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Sarah's mom was entering a contest in town. She entered her marmalade, some eggs from her chickens, and some roses and sweet pea that she had grown. I'd never experienced anything like this sort of small town competition. They had entries from quilting all the way to pies. Do they still have things like this in America?

She won honorable mention on her eggs (which was quite good since she just got those chickens a week ago!) and first place on her sweet pea. Elizabeth (Sarah's younger sister) and I ran the entries down in the morning and then went later on to see the results of the judging.

Sarah drove me past Stonehenge in the morning...we were going to pay the fee and go closer but the tour buses were already there and it was SO crowded. I figured I'd just wait and go with Matt later.

Later on that day, Elizabeth took me into Salisbury to show me around. We went into town and did a little bit of shopping...I had sent my duffel bag back with Ali since she hadn't planned on how she would get her souvenirs home. So, I needed a new bag to get MINE home! Plus, I had read everything I had brought with me and needed a book for the long trip home.

Then, after our shopping, Elizabeth and I went to Salisbury Cathedral. It was built in medieval times and was spectacular. Plus, as an added bonus, they have a copy of the Magna Carta on display there! When Elizabeth told me that I was so excited! What was even more amazing was how commonplace it was for her. She'd gone to the cathedral and seen the Magna Carta on several school trips. That sort of history is just so normal for Europeans I think. We, as Americans, get so excited about it because our country is still so young.

We were driving through Salisbury and many of the much older buildings have the year they were built carved into the building. We were sitting at a light and I looked to my left...the building said 1776 on it. I told Elizabeth that that building was as old as my government...I think it helped demonstrate how things look from my point of view lol.

My sister once told me a joke...what's the difference between an American and a European? American's think 100 years is old and Europeans think 100 miles is far 😊

We headed home and I got packed up. No one was able to take me to the airport the next day so I took the train into Woking and met back up with Brian at the theatre. He's staying with his brother just outside of London until his contract is up with the theatre troop. After the show was over we loaded up my luggage into his car and headed back to his brother's house. It was late and we had to get up early to get me to the airport. Brian's brother's house is hot and the couch isn't very comfortable...I really can't sleep but I need to.


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