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August 19th 2005
Published: November 13th 2005
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Big ole BenBig ole BenBig ole Ben

Big Ole Ben
Hi all So much to tell you....So as I woke up the morning of the 15th I expected to finish packing and go to the airport. As I checked over my things I noticed my bag passport was missing. It seems that I had Forgotten to take it out of the copy machine at kinkos and someone had taken it. AHHHH ADAM!!!! I rushed to the passport office where the lady laughed at me and said that my only chance was to go to San Francisco and plead my case. My flight was at 430pm and it was now 10 am...My parents even went as far as to call Barbara Boxer's office ,but they were no help. Long story short I got the office waited in line., and had my passport in hand by 230. Wow wow...I got to London the next morning and met Jessica and Lauren at the Generator Hostel. It was so easy to get there I didn't even have to change trains. We went directly to Buckinham palace, Westminster Abbey, and Parliment, after that we went to Picadilly and bought tickets to a play that Kevin Spacey is in, "Philadelphia Story" The play was great even though
First photo at Buckinham PalaceFirst photo at Buckinham PalaceFirst photo at Buckinham Palace

Me con las chicas at Buckinham
I kept nodding off...The highlight of the nigt was meeting Kevin Spacey...I don't really remember what I said but I think it was something like "I really enjoyed the show"...whatever...I was so star struck I even forgot to ask for a my only proof is that the girls saw it... The next day we went to the Tate Modern and then a concert with MIchael Franti and Spearhead...Check them out if you haven't heard of them Sort of ragaey rock...The girls left the next morning and I've been sort of bumbing around the city since then...Lloyd gets here tomorrow...woohoo!!!...More to come...It's raining in London...what a surprise huh? ! I also started reading Charles Dickens "David Copperfield" It's not i got it for £1..
random thoughts
Doner Kebab is amazing..I'd eat it everyday if I could

Impressionist art is my favorite. I saw a Monet Exhibit. Renoir isn't bad either

The Tube is Amazing we should have one in SF.

I'd live in London...except for the fact that everyone that looks at my credit card asks me if Adam London is my last name...One guy even asked me why I was named it and when I

"You can bomb the world to pieces but you can't bomb it into peace" Michael Franti
said I got it on Ellis Island he didn't know what that was...

I want an English Accent...or Italian...or french (but masculine french)

I walked so much yesterday that my whole body hurt today...



19th August 2005

hey adam... i am glad you made it there safe and sound and what better way to start an advanture than the way you did??!! haha.... sooooooo adam! and that michael franti quote is great. sounds like you have had a fabulous time and you have only been out of the country for a couple of days. i cant wait for more crazy stories. love you and maybe we'll meet up in asia.
20th August 2005

I can't believe you're gone!
Adam...amazing start! I seriously cannot believe that you are gone and are going to be gone for so long! I'm looking foward to seeing more pictures and hearing more crazy adam stories. Love and miss, Lisa
21st August 2005

You lucky b@$t@rd!!!!
Wow, man. I hope that my time abroad can sound as cool as your first few days, minus the passport fiasco. (Note to self: connect chain to passport to my belt.) Where did you see the Michael Franti show, I want to know the hip London spots. If you are still in London, you should look up a place called "The Church" or it was a special recommendation from a friend. Just go you and Lloyd though ;) Man, you know I'll be reading your dairy/blog thing all the time so write lots like you mean it. Much love, brotha. Gadi-O

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