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August 23rd 2005
Published: September 13th 2005
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Hello friends
So Lloyd is finally here and the trip has efficially begun. We spent two more days hanging out in London....seeing the sites eating lunch on the thames and even went to a ridiculious English dance club called Fabric. It was too loud to talk to anyone and trance music really isn't my deal....but non the less lloyd and I drank on the tram there and didn't have to buy one drink. HAHA take that England
Yesterday we took an easyjet flight to prague. The flight was only 60 dollars but it was 60 dollars cuz they stuffed as many people on the plane as possible. We couldn't even recline our chairs...and I barely fit in the seat.
After wandering the streets of prague for about 45 minutes lloyd and I figured out that we were looking at the wrong map and that we were in the completely wrong neighborhood. Of course a hostel for 8 dollars a night was not near the charles bridge. I should have known. After asking about 8 more people how to get to our hostel...Lloyd and I in good spirits findly found the crown and Bard hostel. We are currently living in the attict with 34 other people. I got bottom bunk. The first night we went to this little czeck restaurant and for 8 bucks tip included we ate like kings. I found my favorite beer again which i had been calling Okalpopavicki it's actually called Velpopovicki...I was close. Today we went to the castle. Which is the largest castle in europe...not as pretty as versaille though. Tomorrow we head north to Carlsbad, to lay around in the mud baths and natural springs. From there we'll go to Pilzen..the home of pilsner urquell and where lager was invented...
Hope all is well....


24th August 2005

so jealous
hi lawndo! i miss you, sounds like you are having a blast while i spend my days photo copying and doing other office stuff! if you are in to strip clubs, there is a cool one in prague with midget strippers...check it out, its kinda funny! but i found that to be the lowest point in my trip there bc prague is amazing, there is also a sweet jazz club under ground near the center of the town ( by the square)...have fun! keep in touch. xoxo. griffin
25th August 2005

Where o where is my boyfriend...?
Well I suppose I know where you are due to your blogg entries...but still, I miss my boyfriend! Glad to hear you and the South African are doing so well so far. Have fun, be safe, and don't come home with too many other girlfriends! Love you and miss you! DeMar (not Erin)

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