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Published: August 12th 2005
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This last year has flown by. It seems like I was talking to Lloyd about if we were going to travel or not the other day.
Planning this trip over the past 9 months has been amazing. The whole idea of taking this trip started when Lloyd and I shared a room fall quarter because he quite his job as a Resident Adviser in the dorms to pursue the life of a Bartender...I think it worked out well. I was in a journalism class and we were asked to buy three magazines that we would potentially like to write for. One of my magazines was National Geographic Traveler. The lead article was Around the World in 80 destinations. After looking through the magazine Lloyd and I somehow got to talking about traveling. I don't remember who asked whom but we decided that after graduation we would travel around the world. Over a beer at Little Prague, Lloyd and I got out the Atlas and planed the ideal trip. It started out as 6 months, slowly moved to 7 months, then moved to 8 months, and now neither of us have a return flight home!!!! Worse come to worst I'll travel till I run out of money.
All those who are reading this I will miss you but know that you will be in my thoughts, and you can always contact me via email....Good bye...Cheers...see you soon


16th August 2005

You just left and i haven't seen you in like 2 months anyway...but now that your gone it's really crazy...8 months...enjoy the hell out of it...i will be there at some point so save a little crazyness for me
17th August 2005

Logging on from Quito, Ecuador
It´s the year of travel, I suppose. I certainly can understand the way the bug (travel bug, that is) feels in your pants. Or in your bonnet. So I´m in Ecuador, and after my morning cafe con leche I am logging on to wish you good luck with the ¨oh, right, I´m traveling now¨ adjustment. I´ll be in Asia starting Feb. 1 and going through the end of July, so maybe we can meet up. You´ll be quite travel savvy by then...wishing you all the best. I´ll be sure to keep in touch. Love. Nikole.
10th October 2005

sup homey
hey man, its gabe...i hope ure not missing an ear or something...neways i just barely checked out ure travel blog thingie and i don't think you've updated it in a please do u selfish muthafucka...neways man keep it real out there especially in korea if u goin there...peace...gabe

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