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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Highgate June 28th 2018

Had a big shopping day today! By big I mean we went into many, many stores but didn’t actually end up buying much. I’m a bit hesitant to buy anything that I could find in Australia, considering it would probably be a lot cheaper back home. We left the house at 9am and headed straight to Regent Street once we got off the tube. Immediately we found an adorable tea shop, with the most incredible flavours. Their hot chocolate section was super interesting, with flavours like “Blueberry Cheesecake White Hot Chocolate” and “Key Lime Pie Hot Chocolate”. Trudi ended up getting a Mumbai Spice white hot choc powder and I walked away with just a plain white hot choc power. We stopped into Zara (where I did actually buy a top), Anthropologie, Liberty, Boots, Urban Outfitters, ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Highgate November 1st 2012

Highgate Cemetery. Fairyland with an edge. The padlocked wrought-iron gates barred our way. In the inner courtyard, a flock of twenty-something pigeons took flight as one, filling the silence with a flutter of wings, and the emptiness with a scratch of charcoal grey. In the eastern cemetery a skinny fox sauntered amongst the tombstones, turning to look back at us, tongue lolling from the corner of his mouth, before he disappeared from sight into the depths with the dead ones. Highgate is high theatre, a feat of excessive Victoriana - a feast for the dead and the living alike. A custodian arrived; setting his shoulder to the gates, leaning his body into them, he pushed them open. Silence. Once hearses filled with flowers, pulled by black horses adorned with feather plumes, waited here. The cemetery lies ... read more
Looking To Heaven.
Demure Angel.
Fallen Angel.

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Highgate June 14th 2012

The first ten days of the trip have been everything we hoped and more. I understand why people talk about London being such a great city: it is. It is beautiful and full of history, the people are very friendly and welcoming, and the food is fantastic! What an amazing place- I'm still here, and I already can't wait to come back. If I didn't know that the next part of our journey was going to be equally enjoyable, I'd be happy to stay here for the rest of the summer.... read more
Camden Village
St. Joseph's Church
Big Ben

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Highgate June 22nd 2010

So after 6 memorable months in South America we flew into JFK, New York City. We decided to head to NY after hearing Judy, Steve and Meaghan (Jay's parents and sister) were going to be there for 5 nights. We arrived late in the evening and went straight to our hotel in Times Square. A steaming hot shower, king size bed and 50" plasma (a little bit of luxury), heaven after 6 months of hostels in Sth America. Can't really tell you too much you would not already know about NYC. It truely is a concrete jungle, massive, busy and very impressive. With only 5 days we hit the subways and tour buses to get around the city and see some sights. Normally we wouldn't do the tour bus thing but given the size of the ... read more
London - Mandy, Boyle, Nicole
NYC - Statue of Liberty
NYC - Rooftop bar views

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Highgate August 14th 2009

I guess this is it, my last blog post from London. I'll just write enough here to explain the last photos I want to post. We took a day trip to Stonehenge and Bath on Thursday, but spaced out the camera. The return car ride back into London was an adventure, to say the least. Pretty awful, really, yet we survived it. I need more distance from it to be able to talk about it. So, last Sunday, Graham and Rhys and I went to Spitalfields Market, in the East End of London. This is definitely my favorite of all the markets we've been to. Absolutely fabulous crafts and fashion, lots of vintage clothes, and just overall very inspirational to me as a knitter and aspiring crafty person. On our way home we stopped by King's ... read more
Original designer dresses
Vintage scarves
Felt and Crocheted Brooches

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Highgate February 2nd 2009

In the morning, the world is smothered in a thick white blanket. Catherine and I jump up and immediately turn on the news. "This is the worst snowstorm in 13 years," they say. "More snow is expected to fall. We could have 10 inches within 24 hours." "There's no way we still have school," I say to Catherine. She jumps onto Steph's laptop to check the internet. I call the school, but there's no answer. "Almost all the tube lines are down," Catherine reports. "Yes! Then I can't go even if it is open!" But then I won't get paid, either. "Oh wait," she says. "The Northern Line is fine, so you should be good to go." "Damn. Lemme see if any of my co-workers are going." I send out a massive text to Julie, Megan, ... read more
London Snow
Snow in London
Snowy Tree

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Highgate February 1st 2009

Stephanie: Homemade chili Catherine: Guacamole dip, chips, and litte cream cheese rolls Me: Sweet cornbread Catherine, Steph, and I sit on the air mattress and eat while we watch The Family Stone, which I'd never seen before, but rather enjoyed (surprisingly). I really wanted to see Journey's opening act, but we miss it somehow. Journey rules, y'all. Jennifer Hudson sings the best version of the national anthem I think I've ever heard. I get all teary-eyed, probably because I've been feeling all patriotic lately. Anyway, it's a great game. I'm pulling for the Cardinals, because they'd be such unlikely winners. We don't get ANY of the Superbowl commercials here! As the game continues, snow begins to fall in London. And it doesn't stop. I keep running to the window and checking out the accummulation, saying, "Snow, ... read more
Steph & Dean
Slumber Party
Checking Internet

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Highgate January 6th 2009

..............testing, testing, 1, 2, 3..................... Here I am whiling away time before setting off towards the horizon... It´s this long til I go -------- ... read more
Home sweet home
Mi casa

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Highgate August 31st 2006

Our journey sort of starts here, almost 3 years ago, when we first hatched our plan, courtesy of the fine two-wheeled extravaganza that is the London Motorcyle Show. There we met a couple who had recently gone from Anchorage to Ushuaia in a record breaking 35 days or so.... We chatted: North america, blah-blah, central America, yeah-whatever....Patagonia....Now just hold on there one second, we cried, tell us more! Since then we have been plotting, reading, planning, scrimping and saving and courtesy of Bank of Nick's Dad we ( this is nick's favourite) bought a corker of a bike, just right for the job.... Of course, that was then and this is now and a lot has happened. We find ourselves 4 weeks from departure,and it still seems like a mountain of things to do. ... read more
And another...
The two haggard explorers

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Highgate May 28th 2001

Hey, I just joined this site today (July 31, 2006) so I thought I'd start with my journal entries from my first big trip back in the summer of 2001. A little background info first: I live in Mississauga, a largish city just outside of Toronto, Canada. In my last year of university, I wasn't sure what I was going to do upon graduation. The thought of jumping straight into the workforce after 19 years of schooling (and those last few were brutal!) didn't really appeal to me. One day at school, I saw this poster for something called the Student Work Abroad Program (SWAP). It's an organization that provides temporary work visas to young people in various countries around the world. Once in the destination of your choice, the local SWAP office supports you by ... read more

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