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Europe » United Kingdom » England » East Sussex » Uckfield June 17th 2017

In mid-June my friend Caro and I had the great opportunity to go on a Brahmavihara Retreat in magic Rivendell, led by wonderful Vessantara. What are the Brahmaviharas, where is Rivendell (that much I can tell you already, we did not travel to Middle Earth), and who is Vessantara? The brahmaviharas, or sublime attitudes, are also called the Four Immeasurables. In Buddhism, they denote the mental states of loving-kindness (Sanskrit: maitri), compassion (Sanskrit: karuna), sympathetic joy (Sanskrit: mudita), and equanimity (Sanskrit: upeksa). There is a specific meditation that one can use to cultivate these states of mind, and they can also be practised during one’s everyday life, for example when interacting with others. Rivendell Retreat Centre is a retreat centre located between Tunbrigde Wells and Lewes in East Sussex, not far fro... read more
Rivendell - the garden I
Rivendell - the garden II
Rivendell - the garden III

Europe » United Kingdom » England » East Sussex » Uckfield June 2nd 2006

I'm on my way! Well, I've moved from Hampshire to Sussex, at least! I've now let my house and moved back with my parents for the time being All my belongings seem to have taken over their house and garage - how is it possible to accumulate so much clutter?! I've had a very busy few weeks since the last update - I left work last month at the start of my sabbatical and I've now booked my ticket for June 12th. I'm taking the ferry from Newcastle to Kristiansand on the southern tip of Norway. The plan is to stay there for a couple of nights and then to make my way up the coast, visiting Stavanger, Bergen and the fjords. I'm also looking forward to visiting the Lofoten Islands on the coastal steamer for ... read more

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