Derbyshire 172 Exeter bound - when a plan does not come together . Days 137,138 and 139 of Covid normal

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August 15th 2020
Published: August 15th 2020
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Where in the world is Gabby the motorhome . She has been travelling . As far as Exeter in Devon but lets just roll back the clock as the plan did not quite come together. Day 137 - A Thursday I think . That would make Day 138 a week last Friday and Day 139 Saturday . With a week gone iento the ether I cannot remember much about those three days . They came and they went . Our days dont seem to have much structure . Thursday swim, Thursday work , Thursday a viewer for the house. Another day of being nice. A day of trying to be welcoming . A day of trying to pick up on the good things about our home and why we want to leave it Showing off the flooring, the lovely conservatory . Well you cannot say I did not try . . A day of starting to prepare Gabby for her first trip in months .That took our minds of viewers.

Day 138 Friday .Swim , put clothes into Gabby. We are apprehensive as we have forgotten where everything is in Gabby . We cant remember how things work . How soon you forget . Our viewer yesterday loved the house but .................She would keep in touch . We dont remember what she liked . We felt a bit disillusioned but we have another viewer on Wednesday next week . Perhaps this one will be the right one .

Day 139 Saturday - we talk about going to wales to look at houses . It seems a waste of time. As I walk I think of all the reasons not to waste time or money until someone falls in love with our home. We have seen three empty bungalows and made the effort to ring the estate agent about one to try to arrange a viewing . Some kind of answering service . They promised someone would ring . To date nothing , no phone call and we still wait .

Sunday we get a viewing . A viewing that was not to be . They cancelled but no-one told us . Disappointed we carried on sorting our girl out and tried to contact estate agent number two to get a viewing of another property . This time the guy sorting it out was off. He wouldnt be back tomorrow either . We still wait and wait the call . Do they want to sell houses ?

Boris has closed the borders to Belgium . Foreign office advice is essential travel only . That invalidates any travel insurance we have and some vehicle insurers refuse to honour their policies if we travel when warned not to travel . If the Exeter trip was going belly up it looked very much as if our September jaunt to La Belle France was going the same way. No insurance - lifes a bummer isnt it !!!!


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