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May 27th 2020
Published: May 27th 2020
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Day 67 - When I started walking on Day 1 I set off on a lonely road . A road that I did not think would take this long to travel . I had a plan to walk the entire village . I wanted to find interesting things and for the first few months I did walk new road , found new things and enjoyed the walking. At the end of March I walked to the sound of the morning chorus and the growth of all those Spring flowers . I made up my mind to look for interesting house names , interesting house numbers and milestones . I looked out for flowers as they came out. Mostly my walks were lonely ones as I set out early . But I liked it like that . I enjoyed the peace and quiet . I still do . I have thought a lot of thoughts when I have been walking . You do when you are on your own.

Today I made the decision I had to get out early . No chance of staying in bed . It is Wednesday , hump day , work day and shopping day . Arriving at the shop with trepidation I was only the second person in the queue . The lady to the front of me fell into conversation . She had not seen her parents for months . She was born up north - oddly enough small world she was from Durham. She had retired early from HR and her husband had worked as a lecturer. She like me loved to travel and wanted to get on the road of travel again . She smiled and told me she needed a dentist . Her front crown had fallen out and she could not get an appointment to have it put back. I left her as the doors opened . It was not a free for all . Perhaps after all these weeks shoppers were now getting used to the one way system and all knew that they would find what they wanted on the shelves .

When I got home the phone rang . It was the dentist . My appointment was cancelled and would I like a new one ? Of course I did - the sooner the better . How does December sound to you ? As I had to accept her offer I thought of all of us buying cars and driving round with no teeth .

My walk took me to the post office . I need some cash . It was my work day so not far to walk . I worked out that perhaps on Day one I should have put up a picture of the numbers on the blog . I had found 1 to 10 easily . Today I searched for a 67. With a Lloyd Grossman head on my shoulders I wondered who lived in this house ?


27th May 2020

I just cancelled my dental appointment scheduled for today due to concerns about the virus.
I asked to reschedule in July, and they could. Is your delay to December an NHS problem?
28th May 2020

Not sure Bob . All dentists are closed at the moment . Just read on the TV that dentists are opening in a week . I am not sure whether it will just be to catch up . I might ring again next week and try to get an update . I can wait three months but dont want to wait 9 - that is just silly of them. Mind you listening to Boris now I think the world has gone mad .

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