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May 9th 2020
Published: May 9th 2020
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"Morning " she shouted across the road . "Morning " I replied . "Busy isn't it ? I thought it was lockdown " "Yes , seems like a lot of people still travelling in their cars " was my reply. We agreed the lady on her morning walk and I that this was a lovely time to walk . Peaceful but there seemed to be more people on the roads today than we both expected . "Not sure all the journeys are essential " she quipped . I smiled , agreed and we parted company. Probably never to meet again . The next jogger was not so friendly. I saw him coming . He had no intention of going into the road nor of trying to avoid me . We barely looked at each other as I tried to avoid his attempt at making the pavement his own personal running track . It is a lovely morning . The sun is shining . The clouds are up there but look like driven snow with the sun peeking through. Some look as if a human hand - an expert seamstress has gathered them together and smocked them . They look all the world like a smocked top half of a childs dress.

Wind back a little . The sun is streaming in the bedroom . It makes it easy to wake up and rise . We are off for a walk again before breakfast . In search of a path around the bluebell wood . In search of the allotment owners to ask one if they have any spare courgette plants for sale .Surely they will out this fine morning . Surely they will be happy to sell a couple of plants to me.

Our walk will take us downhill . Through the housing estate. A jumble of roads and houses . Nothing special . I might peer into a few gardens along the way . Once out into the posh part of the village we walk past five and six bedroom houses . All with large gardens backing onto woodland . All the gardens neat and tidy in a regimented fashion . Up past the old vicarage to the last cottage where I find the footpath . Memorised for another walk on another day .

We turn left, down Watsons Lane . Good news for you . We are walking downhill. A handful of houses are all we pass along the way. Six Acres - yes he probably does own six acres plus four cars . A couple of 4 x4's and a couple of smaller ones . I wondered why you need four cars. Pear Tree Farm . The roses are just starting to bloom as they climb up the wall. A tiny stream almost dried out runs alongside us. Full of what looks like fresh green water mint . The allotments are quiet . Not a soul there . No-one to speak to . No-one to sell me just a couple of plants . My money jangling in my pocket as I walk .

We are going to stop for a moment - a pull in for cars . So if we follow this we will wind our way down to the river, across the fields and down the Forty Steps also known as the Fairy Steps . Another one noted for another day .

Around the corner . it is dark now under the trees . I am missing the scarf I left at home and missing my gloves. The gate to the boathouse on the Great Pond of Stubbing is locked . The lake shimmers through the dark trees . The signpost is now covered in pink clematis . And then we are out into the sunshine again . I want to take my jumper off . It is too hot to walk now with it on but in the distance I can see a couple walking their greyhound . He - a tall man who looks as if he were an office worker , an insurance agent or a policeman wears a woolly hat and a winter coat . She - I never made any opinion of her was dressed the same . I felt it would have looked odd had I started to strip off the jumper when they looked as if they were walking in the Arctic .

We are going round the corner out of their sight into Pearce Lane . A farm to the right and stables and cottages to the left . It is very rural and quiet just birdsong . Off comes the jumper . It is so much more comfortable walking . What plan for today I wondered as I walked past the milkmans house . Day 50 Wash the car I think . It needs doing. That should take an hour or so. Write a presentation on phobias perhaps for work ? The old garden centre is now sadly closed on Birken Lane . We are on the last flat bit . Make the most of it .It is uphill all the way now to home and coffee and cake .

A runner comes towards me . His pace guided by the speed his small child can pedal his bike along . Both smile . Both say morning and travel on. Just the Lido to cross with its swans , coots and usually dog walkers . The pub sadly closed . I wonder if it will reopen after all this is over . One last push . Now this is the big hill . I know not what you need at the end of a walk but there is no choice . Can the smell the coffee ? Quicker we get up there the quicker we will sit down and enjoy that coffee and the toasted tea cake .

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9th May 2020

wales v england
When did we become so separate!! In Wales the Senate announced that some Garden Centres would be open from Monday and that we could all exercise outside more than once a day! Boris is due to make his announcement tomorrow, for England only!! And there was me thinking we were the United Kingdom!!! We have loads of courgettes you could have.....planted six out and have another six in the cloche!! Yellow and green ones!! Stay safe! x
10th May 2020

england v wales
Hi Jackie Yes did think the same . They sure know how to confuse people . It seems like very mixed messages along the way. Not sure what to think about Mark Drakeford. Did not like Carwyn Jones at all . He used to irritate me no end . I guess we will be allowed to go out twice a day but people are doing that anyway. Same with the shops opening . Some of the scenes in London and Manchester beggar belief . What a shame courgettes dont travel by post . Thankyou wish we could have some . I looked in gardens this morning to see if anyone had any sign of any for sale but nothing . Will keep looking . Same with broad beans . Could do with a packet of seeds but cannot get them up here for love nor money . My potatoes seem very slow coming through . Glenn has been moving runner beans from the cold frame to the garden. Strawberries are flowering . He had been making trellis and putting it up. All I need now are some plants to grow up it . Trying to keep busy . Not so easy when the weather is so miserable today. It is a lot colder up here in the Pennines and the wind is chilly. I dont think we will be out sitting in the garden today . Will watch Andrew Marr over another cup of coffee . It is doing my BP no good at all. Got a powerpoint presentation to do on phobias for work so that might keep me busy today . Bit of family history perhaps and a lot of thinking about holidays . We would have been in Copenhagen today . Have a good Sunday . You keep safe too xx
10th May 2020

wales v england
We got our seeds from Tamar Organics. I think Monty Don must use them as well as I think I saw a seed packet on his last programme! I think they are only open 9.00am - 10.00am but the seeds came quite quickly! Hope this helps!! Spoke to my daughter today who said that in England they can now drive,,,,,but not in Wales!! So I still cannot see any of the family as they all live over the Bridge. Its been cold here today too - so after speaking to my daughter in law, who was 40 years old today ( poor girl - I really feel for her) I pulled up the forget me nots and then did nothing except watch the birds and the wind in the garden!!! Stay safe! x

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