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April 29th 2020
Published: April 29th 2020
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It was not the aching feet that were stopping me in my tracks . To be fair they were burning . This walking plays havoc with the arches of your feet . It was not my brain working overtime thinking of reasons not to go out . Although it would have been easy not to get up and just laze the day away . Ming -Dao- Deng suggested to me this morning that "Every day passes whether I participate in it or not". So I could waste the day doing nothing or get up and make the most of it . As you get older each day becomes more precious.

It was the sound of that rain that had hammered down all through the night that was putting me off moving .. The washing left out yesterday would be soggy and dripping . The chance of coffee and breakfast outside was long forgotten . Summer - we probably have seen it now and won't see it again for a long time. That is the nature of our weather these days . The sky was completely leaden . Two colours predominated . A ghostly white and grey. Clouds obscured any sign of the sun. In fact I doubted it would put in any kind of appearance today.

Today had a cold Wednesday feel . With it the dread of filling a skip in the pouring rain. Of standing outside the supermarket waiting for it to open and shopping. It was enough to send me back to bed.

Hump day . An Americanism that has entered our language . . I certainly had the hump this morning . I dropped an old glass casserole dish on the floor . Slivers of glass everywhere. I kept putting off going outside . Cleaning it up took away the decision to go out for a few minutes longer .

When I did get out it felt as bad as I thought it would . I felt as if I were running out of things to do. Running out of things to say. Day 39 - will it ever end ? I guess it all feels worse because I want to get back to work . I want to be abroad and now that the trip date is just 24 hours away I feel a sense of sadness and wonder if we will make it to Europe in September . 16 weeks away . Will things have changed enough to venture abroad . As I got into Ziggy I did feel slightly better . Driving is a pleasure that I have missed . What I did notice was that there are many more vehicles on the road this week than there were four weeks ago. Gradually it seems as if the natives are beginning to get restless . Getting fed up of listening to no news except Covid 19. Getting frustrated with queuing at supermarkets , listening to our leaders giving us the same old messages every day. There is only so much doom and gloom you can stomach . Today breaking the glass dish was enough for me.

Parking up at the supermarket there seemed more cars around the car park. A man stood waiting for the shop to open. I don't think he recognised me but I recognised him. A fellow swimmer. He told me he didnt normally shop on a Wednesday but tomorrow the weather was going to be worse . More rain. More greyness . It was only 7.00 he had an hour to wait until the supermarket opened . I headed off for half an hour walk . A boring walk and a wet one. My hands were cold even though gloved . The rain although light still wet me through and chilled me to the bone. There was nothing to see that caught my imagination. Rows and rows of Victorian terraced housing , a police station and one of the local schools . The rain was keeping the joggers and the walkers in. I was glad to get back to queuing in the dry waiting for the supermarket to open . Only 25 minutes of standing .

I considered the word furlough that has re-entered our language . Those of us old enough can remember our parents talking about furlough - leave taken from the military. The young think it is a new word never used before .

I have no photographs of the walk today . You would not be interested in them. They would be grim and industrial so instead the photographs show another of the milestones I found along a walk a few days ago . This time cast iron sunk deep into the soil . Leaning slightly and the cast iron rusting . These are the sort of things that I like on a walk . The things you normally would walk by without even a second glance . The parish of Tupton like many local parishes paid out the money to set up these milestones . They are of a byegone age but still useful today .


29th April 2020

Oh you do sound down in the dumps!! Its very difficult to stay positive though these days! The garden helps - its very tidy and quite colourful!! I watch the birds - we have loads of different birds feeding and the squirrel! It actually broke the plastic bird feeder today to get at the sunflower seeds inside it! We spent a couple of days watching the antics of the bluetits - the female bringing loads of moss in - they have since abandoned the nest :-( Today I did my jigsaw this morning because it was raining (after my exercise routine and shower!) but we did mange to get to the allotment this afternoon as the sun came out! Back home for a cuppa and cookie, a bit more on my jigsaw, put washing away - and that was Wednesday done!!
30th April 2020

down in the dumps
Hi Jackie - I guess the feeling is because we ought to be driving down to Canterbury this afternoon to stay on the park and ride aire . 8.30 train tomorrow to France . It feels awful not to be going. Have rebooked for September - might be Greece again and if that does not come off Christmas in France . We wanted to put up a greenhouse and Glenn made the base all ready then we decided to move so we use it to put the chairs out and sit in the sun. I got him to make me a cold frame and that sits on it too. It sounds like your allotment is very productive . We usually grow courgettes in pots but last year we got nothing but one courgette . Too many of the one sex flower and none of the other . They really did let us down. Cant get seeds this year . Glenn ordered tomato plants - they died in transit over the long Easter break . At the moment we are clearing the old hardcore where Suzy used to rest . Going to turf it to make it look nicer . We have bluetits coming in, goldfinch and blackbirds . Some rapters over the wood . We see them flying . Lots of hedgehog poo but as the garden is divided and this is the top half we never see them. Squirrels about but again we dont see them. My work sent me my PC yesterday so I can work from home . Spent the afternoon putting it together . Its a mini PC but the screen is massive and it fills my dining room table . I am waiting on a call from our Tech department (1 hour on the phone) to see up the DWP site . Apparently that might happen within the next five days .Expecting catch up phone call from manager today and want to talk about my holidays . I have already used one week for this crisis rather than special leave and I dont really want to use another four weeks . Think it might be a difficult conversation. I like the idea of a hammock . We have one apple tree in the garden so might have to rig something up. I was going to read Les Mis but didnt . Doing jigsaws on line and making poppies for a work colleague . I make her a wreath every year for Armistice Day . Telekit with Senior Management this afternoon . Bloody hell apparently I need a pen and paper as we are doing a quiz . They forget I cant hear very well and hearing aids and a phone are not the best of friends . I keep in touch with daughter who lives in Shropshire and a relative in Missouri . Things are just as bonkers there as they are here . Have a good day . both keep safe . xx
29th April 2020

The natives here are downright rebellious!!
Of course the Brits should be familiar with that side of our collective personality...HA!
30th April 2020

rebellious natives
Hi Bob - yes it is in our collective DNA . We do smile though seeing the demonstrations with all the gun toting that goes with it . If one gun was produced on the street here the police would have pounced within seconds on the offender . Glenn is a member of the local gun club and is currently trying to get his firearms licence back . He is on probation for six months (all gone wrong now with Covid 19 shutdowns) and has to apply for his licence which he may or may not get . The laws are so strict here about guns . He cannot even show his firearm when he is out. It has be covered and carried in a carrier . He cannot fire it anywhere apart from the firing range . Even that is highly regulated . Funny how the right to bear arms is very different here to the USA. Many things similar but many very different . Two cultures the same but worlds apart at times . Seems like life is opening up for you. A relative of ours in Missouri has said her gym might open May 4th and the beauticians as well . Here still lockdown for at least another week . They will consider it next week but I am not expecting much to change .

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