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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Bedfordshire » Bedford July 5th 2011

so im currently sitting in my auntys house in whinchester. looking out the window its suddenly become all damp and shit. its strange weather over here. the last 2 weeks have been really great, even had a little sunburn the other day. i arrived in whinchester last friday and met up with aunty jane/ uncle brian. it was so good to see them agian after so long. then jack walks in! he has changed so much from how i remember him, for the better of course. finally i got to see beth agian! its so bizare how we can live on the other side of the world and never see eachother but get along so well when we do. so friday night we went to the pub and hung out with beths friends. great to see ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Bedfordshire » Bedford February 8th 2011

So, here we are again... One day to go. That familiar swell of excitement mixed with the flutters of anxiety invading my every thought. There's been a lot of planning and organisation gone into every aspect of this trip, but I can't help but worry about what's been missed. This trip has been in the planning stages for the better part of three years. It's been in the back of our minds slowly gaining momentum while we've been getting on with the routine of everyday life. Thankfully we've had plenty of distractions to keep our thoughts occupied, but during those short periods of tranquillity that are so rare when you have two small children, we were forever dreaming and slowly putting the plan into action. The gap between trips wasn’t supposed to be so long but ... read more
What we're travelling with.

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Bedfordshire » Bedford April 11th 2010

Sunday 11.4.2010 day 179 Moto GP Qatar Today we stayed home and watched the Moto GP in Qatar on the TV all day. We watched the qualifying and the race twice. It was lots of fun but very sad to see Carey Stoner fall off. ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Bedfordshire » Bedford April 6th 2010

Despite all our misgivings about the hotel it eventually turned out all right and we managed to find 25 boys and 5 dads pretty much where they should have been in the morning. Everyone was out of bed at the traditional 7:30 for a (fairly average) breakfast around 8. The big concern of the day was whether the laundry would get washed, dried and returned it time - recent history would show that we were likely to be seriously disappointed by the hotel but we were still mildly optimistic. On the bus at 9 we headed first for Old Trafford to see the traditional home of Manchester United and see if we could learn a thing or two from them - after the Chelsea game I had my doubts but, again, mild optimism was prevalent. It ... read more
The Stadium
Man U players in waiting
Pre game nerves

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Bedfordshire » Bedford March 26th 2009

Dav turns 27! We had an early start to the day as Bodhi, the dog that visits Lucretia and Craig's house, snuck (with the help of Lucretia and Craig!) into the bedroom to give us a big good morning welcome! Unfortunately for Craig he then had to head off to work, as the rest of us piled in on the bed so Dav could open his cards and presents. Lucretia then made us a lovey breakfast of croissants (and of course a cup of tea), and the rest of the morning was spent with the birthday boy receiving call after call from back home. We then headed into the nearby town of Hitchfield to check out Lucretia's work. Back home for a late lunch, before Craig got home from work mid-affternoon. Time for a quick ... read more
Lovable Bodhi
Talking to Helen online on Skype
Chatting on line

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Bedfordshire » Bedford December 1st 2008

The reason that I am able to live and work in Britain is because my grandmother was born here and that has entitled me to have an "Ancestory Visa". Yesterday I set out in search of the birth place of my grandmother Mabel Haultain nee Dean (mother of my beautiful and inspirational mother). Nana was born in the small working class village of Bedford (about 100km) north of London in 1896. Well a little under three hours after leaving home (Finchley Central), on a cold (3 degrees), drizzly Sunday morning and with only one wrong turn, I found the tiny two bedroom house that housed my great grandparents and their three daughters. At 27 Bower Street, Off Castle Street, about 1 mile out of Bedford and a mere 50 metres from the Gordon Arms stands the ... read more
Off to the game
Millinium Stadium
Ngati Ranana

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Bedfordshire » Bedford November 29th 2008

Many spent their Thanksgiving with family, I spent mine with the history of my family. On this day, I traveled to Northend Village, a small town in central England to visit a plaque. It is a very important plaque as it marks one of the places where World War II affected our family the most. 65 years ago, a plane went down. On it were 10 young men, among them my uncle, Samuel Maurice Aston. Kiko and I are greeted by a local, Mark. It is a very cold day, wet with fog. We walk from the pub over to the monument. I read the plaque that lists the ten names, the last one of my uncle. Little crosses decorate the memorial, made by children each Remembrance Day in the U.S. The British seem to really ... read more
Samuel Maurice Aston
The field where the plane crashed
The Monument

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Bedfordshire » Bedford October 24th 2008

Hi all, Well that is our holiday over. We have lots of photographs and lots and lots of memories which may end up in a book!! Well you never know, they say everyone has a book in them and this may just be David's. As promised, a photograph of the Calypso Inn, it was just around the corner from our hotel although we had to go into a travel information shop to find it (the lady was quite bemused at our enquiry as we didn't look like the general run-of-the-mill backpackers). And the one you have been waiting for of David in his teletubby outfit. If anyone is thinking of doing a trip to foreign parts and not backpacking we suggest they take a laptop. Most of the hotels have only one Internet acess machine and ... read more
David in his teletubby suit
Hamilton Island
A Visit to Kuranda

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Bedfordshire » Bedford October 14th 2008

Every now and then you get to do something really cool. Recently, I (Stacy) was lucky enough to be invited to a track day with a few of the Directors at work, and some of their associates. An early start was required to get out to Bedford Aerodrome, about 1.5 hours to the north of London. Upon arrival we were greeted with a queue of cars that consisted of Ferrari’s, Porches’, Aston Martin's, Mercedes', BMW's, Atom's, and Caterum's. This was the playground of those that have much more money than I! The circuit was 3.8 miles long, smooth and open. It was purpose built for private track days, and designed to prevent damage to cars if they spun off the track. Perfect for a novice like me! I was out first for about 45 minutes in ... read more
Stacy drifting the Atom through the corner
Putting the BMW through its paces
Mercedes Benz AMG CLK 63 black series

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Bedfordshire » Bedford September 26th 2008

Well the adventure is now beginning and we are starting to pack ready for our departure from go old Blighty. We needed a couple fo heavyweights to sit on one case. I'll leave you to guess whose, the backsack was just too easy. All baggage has been weighed so we are now ready to start, hopefully the next entry will be from Sydney.... read more
Dave's baggage

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