Photos from Odessa, Ukraine, Europe

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City park
Gorgeous park
Looking at the Port
Hotel de Paris
City statue
Gorgeous park
Park feature
City park
Stairs in the park
City statue
Beautiful architecture
Port of Odessa
Monument to fallen sailors
Restaurant in the park
City streets
Elegant building
Lovely restaurant
Chris trying to fathom out this 'hero'
The awe of the Potemkin Sterps
The funicular at the Potemkin steps
Roisin outside the Jock n' Bagpipes in Odessa
A period costumed girl selling sweeties, Odessa
Roisin cooling by the fountains, Odessa
Hawk, Monkey and Peacock
The Opera House with fountains, Odessa
Approach to the archaeological museum, Odessa
The stock exchange in Odessa
Roisin in the shadow of a bear mascot
Roisin overlooking mother-in-laws bridge!
The heart of padlocks, Odessa
A fancy balcony support in Odessa
A novel use for unwanted books (pun intended!)
The fine arts museum in Odessa
Roisin and 'the chair'  Sobornaya Square, Odessa
Catherine the Great monument, Odessa
Katarina Square, Odessa
Roisin 'hissed' again, Odessa Port concourse
Chris at the exclusive Captain's cocktail party
The port at Odessa, MSC Lirica
Hmm! Whats so interesting??!
Statue greets archaeological museum fans in Odessa
The archaeological museum in Odessa
Carriage ride in Odessa?
Chris on the mother-in-law bridge, Odessa
Pooh padlocked in Odessa!
The Black Sea monster or an elaborate hoax!!
The collonade in Odessa
The Opera House, Odessa
Entering the council estate!!
Chris with Leonid the newest Giants fan!!
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