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October 21st 2008
Published: October 21st 2008
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Central Statue,LvivCentral Statue,LvivCentral Statue,Lviv

This was outside my hotel room.
I took the bus to Przemsyl (pronouced 'shamish'), which is 10 kms from Ukraine border. Then I took bus to cross into Ukraine and come to Lviv (Polish pronouce it 'leVolf') It was an adventure, the bus ride and three hour wait at the border. When we got to Lviv the bus station was in the suburbs. Luckily there was a minibus that takes people into the city, 7 kms of busy traffic. Lviv is suppose to be the new Prague. I've not been there, but have seen enough views in hollywood movies. Lviv did not have the wow factor that Krakow had for me. Today was sunny, so I took lots of photos. Judge for yourself. Tomorrow I'm off to find the lion statue; 'Lviv' means lion castle. Also, I've got to find the nearby parks.

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Farmer in UkraineFarmer in Ukraine
Farmer in Ukraine

Horses still pull wagons and plough fields here.

View from my hotel this morning. Guess local police are beginning their day.
View from windowView from window
View from window

Other direction from my hotel window. My room overlooked main drag.

He was sitting outside the restaurant part of the hotel.

People stood in front of her and prayed.
Book saleBook sale
Book sale

Openmarket for book sale.

The infrastructure of Lviv is poor. All sidewalks are uneven and you have to be careful walking.
Inside churchInside church
Inside church

Churches are beautiful

There aremany sidewalk cafes. Trick for me is to figure out which ones serve food (not coffee and deserts).
Old stays with NewOld stays with New
Old stays with New

I like the low techology in the streets.

look up to see many decorations (but watch out for uneven sidewalks)

If you walk inside arches you can see allies, where people live.

There are many Eastern European men in groups on cell phones. Seems like lots of deals are being made in cafes.
Human powerHuman power
Human power

Many tasks are done by people, which is more sustainable. Also, it gives the city a sense of humanity unlike pristine Western cities.

21st October 2008

We are in Budapest from late Friday 24 Oct until afternoon of Tuesday 28 October. Do you still have my mobile number?

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