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October 21st 2008
Published: October 21st 2008
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She saved the town of Gorlice many hundreds of years ago, but the people that I spoke with could not remember the details.
Gorlice is near Jaslo. I drove through many towns on the bus heading towards the Ukraine, and one town was Jaslo. The choices of towns on this blog site is limited.
Gorlice is situated near Slovakian border, in the high hills of southern Poland. I spent two days here and learned alot about displaced Ukrainians after the uprising in 1949. The Ukrainians wanted their own state, and when their uprising was over, they were sent to northern Poland. Many of their Greek Orthodox churches were converted to Roman Catholic. Eventually some Ukranians came back, and now live peacefully with Polish people in the area. Every July, there is a bonfire celebration and Ukranians from around the world attend. (reminds me of Acadian history)

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Folk MusiciansFolk Musicians
Folk Musicians

There was a wedding in the main square and these Polish folk musicians were playing outside the church. Later the wedding party got on a bus and probably headed to site for post-party.

The bus took me through the countryside and I tried to get photos of community.

The Pope is popular everywhere in Poland. He didn't visit this old church...maybe he did before he became the pope.
Austrian Graveyard War 1Austrian Graveyard War 1
Austrian Graveyard War 1

A battle was fought between Russians and Austrians in these mountains during World War 1. After the war, Poland was an independent state for twenty years.
Ukranian style barnUkranian style barn
Ukranian style barn

The old Ukranian houses were built in same style, with half the house for people, the other half for animals.
Spa near GorliceSpa near Gorlice
Spa near Gorlice

Mineral water, good for your health
Pick your waterPick your water
Pick your water

Be wary. One of these taps produces disgusting water. I gagged, Joanna and Zbigniew laughed. The second type of mineral water was much better.
Park near SpaPark near Spa
Park near Spa

There is a sanitorium for people to visit and drink the water to get healthy. Also, there is a park and cabins for families during the summer.
Street to downtownStreet to downtown
Street to downtown

The street towards 'downtown' Gorlice.
Main Square GorliceMain Square Gorlice
Main Square Gorlice

See the buses? for wedding party
Church in GorliceChurch in Gorlice
Church in Gorlice

Wedding was inside.

The river that runs through town.
Figure of JesusFigure of Jesus
Figure of Jesus

There were many,many statues of Jesus, Mary, and crosses along Polish roadsides and streets. This Jesus looks very contemplative.
Plaque for JewsPlaque for Jews
Plaque for Jews

On the bus ride out of area we drove through nearby town. The bus paused beside this plaque long enough for me to snap the photo. Sobering history.

12th November 2008

World Peace
When I was traveling, I felt the tension between Poland and Germand and Russia, over past wounds. Yesterday was Remembrance Day, and the world remembered these wounds/wars once again. I agree with you, money is less important than peace.

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