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Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Murren July 6th 2018

Two years ago, on my last trip to Europe, I had attempted to hike from Engelberg all the way to Leukerbad (about 130km in all) through the heart of the Swiss Alps, along a section of the multi-national Via Alpina trail network. Unfortunately though, having successfully crossed three reasonably high mountain passes (the Jochpass, Grosse Scheidegg and Kleine Scheidegg) on my way from Engelberg to Lauterbrunnen, I was then forced to abandon my attempt to cross by far the two highest passes on my route – the Sefinenfurgge at 2612m and the Hohtürli at 2778m – due to bad weather. While I was then able to complete the final leg of my through-hike from Kandersteg over the Gemmipass and down into Leukerbad, this left a gap of about 25km, stretching between the town of Mürren (above ... read more
V-Shaped Valley
Dramatic Backdrop
Tourist Town

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Murren September 15th 2012

Started the day in Geneva. Since we missed the Jet D'eau the day before because of the wind, we decided to go check it out before heading to the mountains. Luckily the wind had subsided and the jets were rising! The Jet shoots up 132 gallons of water 459 feet into the air at 125 mph.... Kind of spectacular but that's all it was. After the Jets, we got on the train from Geneva to Bern, about a 2 hour train. From Bern, we hopped on a connector to Interlaken (about an hour) and from there Lauterbrunnen (about 20 min) and then finally to Murren on the BLM (Bahn Lauterbrunnen Murren). The initial views of the mountains are just breathtaking. The pictures cannot do it justice. The granduer of it all, the vastness of it all... ... read more
Hotel Jungfrau
Which way???

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Murren July 22nd 2012

Well, the weather didn't ever clear for us, but the good thng about that is Lizzie got to play in the snow!! We put on our warmest clothes (Elizabeth was even equiped with a pair of my wool socks in her jacket pockets to use as mittens) and headed u p to the Jungfraujock. At 11,333 ft. it's Europes highest train station. Quite impressive even without the views.... read more
Yeah!  Snow
Thanks Dad
Father-Daughter at the Top of Europe

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Murren July 21st 2012

Before anyone gets too excited over the last blog, I was duped by technology again. Although I had entered Interlaken as our location because our tiny mountain village isn't listed on the map, the iPad's automatic location detection outsmarted me by using the weather station on top of the mountain next to us. Sure, it's the closest weather station, but it's also 6000 feet higher in elevation (we are only at 5000 feet here in Gimmelwald). So, the bottom line is no snow. It's 48 degrees and it looks as though the light rain we had earlier (at breakfast) has changed to drizzle and it's not as foggy so the clouds must be lifting somewhat. We are going to get on with our day and hopefully get caught up on the blog very soon.... read more

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Murren July 20th 2012

OK, this is not a regular post, but if the weather report is accurate it is supossed to snow tomorrow! I'll believe it when I see it, but that's the forecast right now (almost midnight) it is 34 degrees and foggy. The fog is right, but it doesn't really feel that cold of course its dead calm out there so maybe it is that cold. Supossedly the hogh tomorrow is 33 and the low 26, but the weatherman hasn't been right so far on our trip so I'm not going to start believing him now. More news later. Pictures at eleven.... read more

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Murren October 5th 2011

There is a live cam at read more

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Murren October 5th 2011

This morning we woke to another beautiful day! Once we got ready, we left the hotel and walked about 1/4 mile to the Schilthornbahn station. There we bought our tickets and then boarded the cable car. After about a 10 minute ride we transferred to another cable car for another 10 minute ride to the Schilthorn. That is a restaurant, souvenir shop, etc. built right on the peak of a mountain. There we sat down on a revolving floor and ate the breakfast buffet. The had sausage, eggs, bacon, big loaves of bread that you cut your own slices off of, cold cuts, lots of different cheeses, several kinds of yogurt, and more. The waiter asked us if we wanted champagne and I said no, no champagne. Well, then he asked "grape juice" and I said ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Murren June 30th 2011

There was lightning followed by a huge thunderous reply reverberating between the valley walls first thing this morning. Oh, so the predicted rain and thunderstorms had arrived. What to do for the day? As the morning wore on the rain turned to low cloud. We have the technology in raincoats and over-trousers so let’s get out regardless. We packed our lunch and all possible gear for rain or sun and headed off to Lauterbrunnen where we caught the cable car up to Grusalp and then the BOB railway to Murren followed by the funicular to Allmendhubel. That got us up onto the Mountain View track running above Murren and Grusalp. What mountain view? There wasn’t any but heaps of cloud that you could barely see through. However, as the day went on the cloud came and ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Murren April 1st 2011

We thought the French Alps were speccy - and then we arrived in Switerland .... amazing. Cable cars, trains gondolas, scenery beyond description ... our camera has not done Switerland any justice... but a few snaps of where we've been and what we've done.... read more
On the way to Aix les Bains, French Alps
Getting closer

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Murren July 11th 1988

Geo: 46.8182, 8.22751Absolutely perfect weather. Train from Spiez to Lauterbrunnen. Walked along the road thru stunning valley. High, sheer cliffs, myriad of cascades, farms. Sky cloudless.Entered Trummelbach Falls which pours through an incredible gorge in the cliffs. We took the lift up, then walked through a series of view points. Beautiful and impressive. Hiked up valley to Stechelberg, where we had ice cream. Walked to Stilthorn tram and took cable car to Murren: a lovely resort perched on a shelf in the Alps. Train then fincular to Lauterbrunnen. Delicious rosti at hotel. Surrounded by local hikers, mostly men in their 70s, in lederhosen, carrying crooks as walking sticks. (They pass us on the trail all the time.)... read more
Falls in Lauterbrunnen

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