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September 7th 2007
Published: September 14th 2007
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Working behind a bar is starting to wear thin - working the beer tap is no longer a challenge (haha) and I may as well have been a chain smoker for the last 2 1/2 months! I have woken up twice in the middle of the night on days off work fumbling around for the door thinking I've forgotten somebodies beer...then finding myself wrapped up in the curtain freaking out because I think I'm at work not dressed. When will I ever grow out of weird sleep walking? Janine came to visit for 1 week around a month ago and apparently I've been sleep talking too. In German. About beer and smoking! "Ich will deine bier bringen" and "nicht rauchen!" I would never have thought the day would come when those two things would be taking over my subconscious! Hopefully it's a short-term thing!

Outdoor adventures

As usual my spare time seems to be dominated by getting out and about as much as possible. The only down side is that my knees are starting to grumble. Thumbs down! I have recently discovered the delights of walking poles - very silly of me to put them in the "nana basket" and refuse
Mountain biking viewsMountain biking viewsMountain biking views

In Lotchental - one valley over from Kandersteg
to use them for so long! The beauty of this place continues to amaze me - there are new suprises around every corner and even when I go back to the same place for the 4th or 5th time, it never looks the same. Now the days are cooler, crisper and clearer. Summer (with 3 times as much rain fall as normal) is well and truly over and all of the stunning autumn colours are starting to come out.

I'm still overwhelmed by all of the adventures I am yet to have had - I've done almost everything in this valley, but as soon as I head over a mountain pass into another valley, a whole new world, with just as many adventures awaits. I could spend years connecting the dots all over this country. It would be so easy for me to stay in this part of the world for another year, but then that would mean having another year off study, which would probably lead to another more tempting adventure option the year after as well. My mothers daughter through and through! It's scary how the decisions I make now will change my future so much.
Switzerlands mighty motherSwitzerlands mighty motherSwitzerlands mighty mother

The highest peak (Dom)...and some dodgy ridges!

I'm working here until mid-October, then flying to Malaga (Southern Spain) with Janine, where we'll spend some time exploring before heading over to Morocco with the ferry. It will be interesting to see what my opinion of Moroccan men is when I return! From what I've heard, India is just a measly entree in comparason. Perhaps I'll leave Pakistan for a future trip! (I still think kiwi lads are some of the finest in the world. No doubt about it!)

Hope everyone in NZ is making the most of that gorgeous spring weather. It's weird to think that you'll all be getting your beach towels out in a few months, while I'll be here in my woolies freezing my limbs off!


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Stunner of a day!Stunner of a day!
Stunner of a day!

Heading up Weissmeissgipfel 4027m
View down into Saas FeeView down into Saas Fee
View down into Saas Fee

Heading up Weissmeissgipfel
At the top of GasteraspitzAt the top of Gasteraspitz
At the top of Gasteraspitz

Maaike, Reto & Mättel
Looking into Gastern ValleyLooking into Gastern Valley
Looking into Gastern Valley

Famous as the place where my parents first laid eyes on eachother (spot the little dots of guesthouses in the green)...who could resist a hot sweaty young man popping in for a beer after a hard day out on the rock? I was always doomed to be an outdoor nut!
View towards the Kanderfern GlacierView towards the Kanderfern Glacier
View towards the Kanderfern Glacier

Eiger, Mönch & Matterhorn on the horizon (but you may need some super duper glasses to spot them!)

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