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Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Kandersteg July 22nd 2019

I always lose steam towards the end of my trips haha. The heat doesn't help. Day 18: Kandersteg is honestly the best. I'm staying at Hotel zur Post and it's wonderful. Everyone who works there is super friendly and welcoming - the guy who checked me in helped me bring everything upstairs and was asking me all about my travels, another guy who works there was down for breakfast two days and was very helpful with info about the area and the wonderful lady who did breakfast every morning was a complete sweetheart. Such a BnB feel to the hotel and I love it. And I met the cutest old couple from England - we became breakfast buddies. I can't remember the last time I did a trip and I didn't befriend and old British couple ... read more
That view though
Waterfall at the far end
Up close and gorgeous

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Kandersteg July 21st 2019

Day 16:Travel day yesterday, so there wasn't much to be said. I'm staying at a cute but rustic mountain hotel the next few nights in Kandersteg, so I didn't want to go super early since I wasn't sold that someone would actually be there haha. As such, I had a lazy exploration day just around Interlaken. I went to the train station (where all the busses overlap) and got on the first bus that arrived and went for a ride! I first ended up at Ringgenberg which wasn't exciting haha. It's a little town, but it's also like +30C by 10am so I didn't go that far away from the shade. I then ended up in some other little town (Bonnigen?), but then wandered my way back to the hostel and to the train station. Kandersteg ... read more
Beer and rosti
Following the river to Blausee
Sleepy cow

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Kandersteg June 28th 2019

A busy school term to finish off the school year. Lots of sports/athletics days, school plays/theater showcases and school residentials/camps. We managed a long weekend in Kandersteg this term. We camped with friends at the scout camp. A beautiful spot, but perhaps better for bigger groups. We did some lovely hikes. The best was Oeschinen Lake, unfortunately the weather was terrible and we hiked with our wet weather gear and umbrellas. We caught the gondola up and hiked to the lake. Hung around the lake during a dry spell, sat in the cafe to warm up. Due to the bad weather we didn't manage the luge which was a shame. Kandersteg was beautiful and well worth the trip. Now we head into the long, summer holidays in Europe. Take care, Miriam... read more
Kandersteg villiage
Walking around the villiage
Oeschinen Lake in Kandersteg

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Kandersteg July 11th 2018

After turning my back on the Thunersee (Friday 6thJuly) for what I assumed would be the last time, I took a train south to Kandersteg and immediately checked into the Hotel des Alpes near the centre of town. My reasons for choosing the Hotel des Alpes over the International Scout Centre (where I had stayed when I passed through Kandersteg twoyears ago) were three-fold: 1) I wouldn't have to walk for twenty minutes out of town to reach my accommodation, 2) I wouldn't have to share the breakfast buffet with a couple of hundred obnoxious teenagers each morning, and 3) I would have a guaranteed venue in which to watch all four World Cup quarter-finals, without even having to go outside... which, with the rain still bucketing down upon my arrival in Kandersteg, would have probably ... read more
Three Peaks
Starting Out
A Long Way To Go...

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Kandersteg July 28th 2016

Having hiked all the way from Engelberg to Mürren (almost 80km in all) along the Via Alpina during the previous week, I was naturally disappointed - though hardly surprised - to be confronted by threatening skies on Saturday morning (23rd July), which left me with little choice but to cancel my planned hike along the next stage of the Via Alpina over the Sefinenfurgge pass to Griesalp. While I would have had no hesitation in crossing either of the two previous passes on the trail (the Kleine Scheidegg and Grosse Scheidegg) in such weather, the fact that the Sefinenfurgge sits at an altitude of 2611m - around six hundred metres higher than the two previous passes - was enough to convince me that even if I could cross the pass safely in poor weather, I would ... read more
Playing the waiting game
Ready for Action
Not your average road sign

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Kandersteg September 23rd 2014

Hi, It's me your friendly blog-man. Today Jenna and Jeff left us for the rest of their vacation. We got them on their way and rode the train for an hour or so and then took a different train to Kandersteg for a gondola lift and hike to the Oeschinensee. A colorful mountain lake high up in the Alps.We spent about 3 hours on that adventure. The day was beautiful. Chilly in the morning but by 11 it warmed up and not a cloud in the sky. We are now back in the chalet. Seems pretty quite here with just the two of us. We are already missing them. We had a great time and were able to do a lot in just 4 days. Hope you like the pictures. Remember to click on them to ... read more
In Murren
Jeff and Jenna in Murren
Lunch in Zermatt

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Kandersteg September 15th 2014

Yes, I know I missed yesterday, Maybe most of you did not notice? These were two really fine days. Yesterday we used the car to go to the next side valley to a nice village "Grimentz". It is a popular ski area in the winter. We took a gondola (which the French call a bandola?). It was really pleasent at the restaurant sun deck way up over tree line. This village was one of my favorites. Wish I could show you more images as I did take a few. Today was our first adventure taking the mountain bus way down the valley to Sion. There we took two trains (one at a time) to Kandersteg in the Bernese Oberland (sort of the center of Switzerland) we have been here 20 years ago. Not any changes. Hope ... read more
Looking down to village below (telephoto)
I don't know what to call this
Some of you have had Raclette at our home

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Kandersteg March 30th 2008

Für vier Monate verlasse ich mein vertrautes und schönes Zuhause. Am 10. April fliege ich mit der Singapore Airline nach Brisbane (Australien). Mit dem Ziel mein Englisch zu verbessern, besuche ich während 10 Wochen eine Sprachschule an der Gold Coast (Surfers Paradise) und werde danach fünf Wochen reisen und das Land kennen lernen. Am 26. Juli fliege ich von Sidney wieder zurück in die Schweiz. Auf dieser Seite dokumentiere ich meinen Aufenthalt in Australien für mich und Diejenigen die es interessiert, was ich in down under so alles erlebe.... read more
Mein Zimmer
Die Küche
Blick nach Kandersteg

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Kandersteg September 15th 2007

These are the only photos you'll ever see of me in such close proximity to a beer tap - you better treasure the memory of them! I hope I've earnt extra brownie points for representing NZ on this side of the globe - I've had a few "oh you're from NZ" along with the odd "what are the all blacks?" which I obviously replied "Only the best rugby team in the world".....and once somebody even responded with: "What's rugby?" First time to the City in 3 monthsAfter one day in Bern (the capital of Switzerland) following a 3 month stint in the mountains I was left dazed by all of the superficial advertising, the numerous "click clicks" of high heels pounding the pavement and the general hecticness of modern city life. Now I can understand why ... read more
Me & Johanna
That beer glow
All Blacks rule!

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Kandersteg September 12th 2007

Climbing BlumlisalpBlumlisalp is "the mountain" of Kandersteg - I can see it from the window at work, from my bedroom window, from the belcony - it's like the Queen of the village, always in view where ever you are. The views from the top are fabulous - probably the best view of Lake Oeschinsee I've ever seen - I've now looked down on the lake from almost every angle & height possible, bar a parachute! We were very lucky with the weather - finally managing to head up there together after putting days aside for it 4 times this summer (the weather was always bad on my days off!). The conditions were perfect - it was a still, wind-free, gorgeous Autumn day. I sprung out of bed at 4.30am (nothing like something to remind me of ... read more
Peeking out!
Goodbye to another fabulous day!
5 star views from this toilet!

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