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July 31st 2007
Published: August 6th 2007
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Climbing BireClimbing BireClimbing Bire

Another terrible place I was ropped into going to on a day off...
Life is zooming by for me at the moment. I don't have any crazy cultural tales to share. This is the country where trains run on time, the grass is always short, there are unlimited supplies of chocolate & cheese & you can hear cow bells tinkling in the distance. The contrast to India is astonishing, but I love both places.

I've started working in "proper service" every second weekend now & have consequently mastered the art of folding cloth napkins. Ha. There is a knack to it you know. But then again there is often a right & a "wrong" way to do everything in Switzerland, especially in the hospitality industry. Sometimes I wonder what on earth I'm doing here! I don't make a habit of being covered in beer foam or deep frying lettuces, but sometimes desperate times call for desperate mistakes. On a positive note (or maybe just pure luck) I'm still waiting to break my first glass. Sometimes I have terrible visions of slipping over with a huge tray of breakfast as I make my way carefully into a "love room". They cost about $400 a night & everything is super kitchy. I have the honour of bringing them breakfast. Last weekend there were 2 men in a room.

Personally I'd find a night in a little tent in the middle of nowhere during a thunderstorm more romantic. But Dulkara is usually in the minority! What ever floats your boat.

There aren't many places I can see myself living in the world but this is definately one of them! It took me a while to settle in properly & I was tired non-stop for the first three weeks, probably due to going out after work for "just half an hour" which consistently turned into me walking home as it was getting light. Very un-Dulkara-like. Then I'd get up after 4 or 5 hours sleep to attempt a run, swim or a bike out of guilt. Not the wisest way to maximise performance!

Kandersteg is like a drug. The more you take in, the more you want to do & the more energy you have. There are countless gorgeous tracks surrounding the village - I'll never run out of things to do! It's just stunning. I have already been to more places than many of the young people who live here! It was a bit hard at first because all of the tracks go up up up, then down. But now I'm used to it & I'm pretty sure my legs are turning to concrete!

During the last few weeks there have been lots of festivals - live music, big beer & food tents...plenty of excuses to drink beer & be silly. The summer party season here is cooling down after tomorrow (Swiss National day)..I'm hoping that'll make it easier to sneak home straight after work without being called boring!! So fingers crossed I can put my sleep bank into credit again.

Like usual, the pictures speak for themselves & they have all (with the exception of the one labelled "near Leysin") been taken within walking or biking distance from Kandersteg. Heaven or what?!

If anything, living here is turning me into an even bigger outdoor nut! But it's not doing my hand-eye co-ordination, reaction speed, or agility any good. I think, perhaps, I am doomed for life in those areas!

It'd be great to hear about all of your adventures & tales from back home...

Stay safe, study hard (Bryce & you other slack ones) & have fun!
Doldenhornhütte 1915mDoldenhornhütte 1915mDoldenhornhütte 1915m

Another one of the grunty walks that makes The Grampions seem like a walk to the dairy in comparason

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Cold beers, crispy salads, hot soups & everything else delicious. Always in the middle of nowhere...only in Switzerland!
Lazy bones or broken bones?Lazy bones or broken bones?
Lazy bones or broken bones?

The chairlift to Oeschinsee (the big lake)
First 2548mFirst 2548m
First 2548m

Fantastic feeling to be on top of the clouds!
The ridge to FirstThe ridge to First
The ridge to First

Taken from the top of Bire
Near LeysinNear Leysin
Near Leysin

Heading back from the Tour De Mayen, 2327m
Drink stopDrink stop
Drink stop

On the way up to Frundenhornhütte
Looking down the valley from JegertosseLooking down the valley from Jegertosse
Looking down the valley from Jegertosse

Another walk, another view of Kandersteg from above...
Looking down at OeschinseeLooking down at Oeschinsee
Looking down at Oeschinsee

Taken from the top of Bire

7th August 2007

love life but stay safe
7th August 2007

looooooks fantastic. Makes me want to send photos from my balcony but victory square is a little less inspiring
7th August 2007

Hey girl looks fantastic. fYou should be a travel writer and photographer...or get a Bachelor of Sport and Rec!!!! Life all good here. Cold and crisp. Go the Tall Blacks.

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