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July 11th 2017
Published: July 11th 2017
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A photo shot from the pastA photo shot from the pastA photo shot from the past

We take this shot each visit out the door of a little animal shelter
So much for the forecast for rain. Since it seems the weather is okay for the rest of the week we could factor in a hill top walk. We got the First gondola which leaves the village and arrives at the top at 2200m. From there we all walked to the Bacalpsee which is a small alpine lake against the end of the valley. Even though we've been there several times before we cannot help but be impressed by the panoramic view of the mountains and of the town far below. We were lucky enough to spot a marmot moving through the grass as these are shy creatures that keep well away from humans.

First has a few other attractions added over recent years with an aerial walkway hooked onto the side of the cliffs, a huge downhill flying fox, scooter downhill rides and mountain carts. Grindelwald certainly knows how to add adventures to make the location even more popular than it ever has been. Whether that is a good thing or not depends on who you are. For us, there are too many tourists now compared to a few years ago. For the locals, no doubt they would want
Picnic lunch at BacalpseePicnic lunch at BacalpseePicnic lunch at Bacalpsee

A panoramic shot of the Bacalpsee
to hide during the high season. For the business people, they would love it.

It wasn't the best of weather at the lake with cloud coming over and our tops put on to keep warm. But back down at First the sun came out and we were soon back into shorts and t-shirts. To complete the day on the top, we walked the First Cliff Walk where a long metal path has been tacked onto the side of the cliff and then opens out to a cantilevered walk hanging out over the valley. At the end is a glass floor to stand on and look straight down. It is a little like the Five Fingers Walkway in Austria.

From the top the gondola starts with rocks and high alpine grassland, down into forest, then to farmland with many chalets dotted around and finally down into the town where we finished the day with drinks on a balcony looking out to the Eiger. Whilst the kids played in the rope playground, Tracey and I did the shopping and the men looked occupied watching the kids. That completed another day in this wonderful place. I think Brendan and Tracey are
Linds on the aerial walkwayLinds on the aerial walkwayLinds on the aerial walkway

This is something new and has a glass floor looking directly down at the valley below
seeing why we return time and again to this country and this place.


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